This is a virtual journey of Tokyo at night.

Tokyo originated as a fort built on the southeastern side of Honshu island which then became a castle. By the 18th century, it completed its transformation into one of the largest cities in the world and the capital of Japan. Tokyo lost its status as a city when it merged with the prefecture of Tokyo in 1943. The territory was divided between 23 special wards, and now Tokyo Metropolis has 62 administrative units including several islands. The collective population of Tokyo is over 13 million people, with a concentration of around nine million inhabiting the main 23 historical districts.

Air Pano has been taking photos of the most significant and interesting corners of the Earth since 2006. It is also engaged in its own ongoing AirPano project to stitch together 3,000 panoramas of more than 300 places of the Earth, including the North Pole, the Antarctic, volcano eruptions, and even panoramas from the stratosphere.

Remember, this is a 360° immersive video. To gain the 360° perspective you can change the angle of view by pinching and rotating the screen of your device.

The virtual journey of Tokyo at night shot in 360°


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