The Rhomaleosaurus dinosaur thrived during the period Early Jurassic Toarcian period in the part of the globe now known as Yorkshire of the United Kingdom.

It earned its nickname of sea dragon due to its long neck and sharp teeth and with a length of approximately 23 feet (7 m) long. It was one of the earliest large marine reptile predators which hunted in the seas of the Mesozoic era. Aside from this video depiction being in a 360-degree format, more VR features can be realized by viewing the video using Google’s virtual reality viewer – Google Cardboard or other VR/AR viewer.

Remember, this is a 360° immersive video. To gain the 360° perspective you can change the angle of view by pinching and rotating the screen of your device.

Rhomaleosaurus Sea Dragon 360 degrees VR video


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Rhomaleosaurus Sea Dragon: Back to life in 360 VR video