Using WebVR technologies controlling visualization and audio, immersive design studio, Within, has engineered an experimental immersive music video to the track of avant-pop artist and music producer Matthew Dear from his single of the same name, "What You Don't Know” (taken from Bunny on Ghostly International).

The complete visualization which uses an orbiting celestial metaphor incorporating a navigable interactive layout along with a pulsating visual blob that undulates and beams the words to the sounds of the musical track by Dear.

The layout allows the user to manipulate eight musical sounds, the speed of each one, and “scratch” into the playback as if you were a DJ creating hip hop or rap beats sounds via a turntable. The result is a music video that lets you create your own virtual reality remix. Whether through VR, mobile, or desktop, this WebVR experience offers a new way to appreciate the craft of music. The three-minute song is set to loop, so as soon as it finishes you can start all over. Each creation is ephemeral. No two tracks will ever be the same.

Choose from one of eight vertical lines to manipulate the track — make it speed up, slow down, mute it, or scratch it like a DJ at a midnight dance party. Zoom in to the center of the undulating blob and the music becomes louder, speed away from it and the sound fades. This musical; webvr visualization allows you to pivot along eight unique sounds, manipulate the speed of each one, and scratch as if you were standing on a giant turntable. The result is a music video that asks what you know about music creation.

Within creates products, original content, formats, proprietary software and tools for virtual and augmented reality entertainment, fitness, and learning.



View an explorative video walkthrough for What You Don't Know


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