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  1. You can't see inside the firmware, but more open code can translate it for you.
  2. Lower-cost AI language model will be free for ChatGPT users.
  3. Yep, passwords for administrators can be changed, too.
  4. After repealing Biden's AI order, draft would create "Manhattan Projects" for military AI.
  5. Stolen data includes customer names, addresses, birth dates, and driver's license numbers.
  6. Karpathy's Eureka Labs will pair human-made curriculum with an AI-powered assistant.
  7. Files available on the open source NPM repository underscore a growing sophistication.
  8. Will LLMs keep improving if we throw more compute at them? OpenAI dealmaker thinks so.
  9. The strict requirement for two physical keys is now eased when passkeys are used.
  10. Five-level AI classification system probably best seen as a marketing exercise.