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Questionable Content (also referred to as QC) is an internet comic strip written and illustrated by Jeph Jacques about friendship, sexual humor, romance, and robots. The world of QC is set primarily in Northampton, Massachusetts, in the present day (exact date unspecified) and is pretty much the same as our present-day world, but there are robots (referred to as (AIs) and space stations. Best buddies Marten and Faye as they navigate life, make friends and forge relationships, along with AI (intimate) interaction.

The casts' growing number of robot characters grapple with the post-singularity coexistence of humans and A.Is, and other science fiction elements. QC has evolved into a humorous ongoing chronicle of the lives of a group of twenty-somethings, as they deal with life, and fall in and out of love.







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Read Questionable Content slice-of-life, situational comedy webcomic


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  1. Alien tech???

  2. ha ha ha *is old*

  3. very proud of that strip title

  4. *whoville obliterated by vacuum collapse*

  5. it is her true calling, after all

  6. birds do it, bees do it

  7. the pizza in cubetown is *weird*

  8. RIP???

  9. scintillating

  10. the Halifax Shopping Center mall is somehow still THRIVING in this day and age, which is wild

  11. scrute deez

  12. nice puffer

  13. Liz...

  14. Liz is learning so much

  15. j e l l oh no

  16. nice dodge, Hanners

  17. Hi Roko

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