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Dumbing of Age webcomic

Dumbing of Age is a webcomic authored by David M Willis that incorporates adult themes of depression, attempted suicide, attempted sexual assault, parental abuse, homophobia and transphobia, and other real-life matters. Set at Indiana University and revolving around the freshman class of whatever particular year it may happen to be, it introduces numerous characters throughout the storyline.

Despite a sizable array of characters introduced in Dumbing of Age, Joyce Brown, a young fundamentalist Christian woman, formerly homeschooled, whose first few months of college are the only public schooling she's ever known, and her atheist (unlikely) friend, Dorothy Keener, a pre-law student, have most of the story focused on them. Some readers might see Dumbing of Age as a tale about going to college and learning everything you thought was true is often not quite true.

Dumbing of Age is the fifth webcomic created by David Willis, and the first to be set outside of the Walkyverse continuity. Essentially a reboot, it features all of the major players of Walkyverse as they make their way through college.







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Read Dumbing of Age adult-themed webcomic


A college webcomic by David Willis
  1. asher also accidentally wanders into parties


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  4. all of joyce's tirades against sierra mist are now anachronistic