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Darths & Droids is an "RPG screencap comic" that parodies Star Wars. The characters in the comic are roleplaying game (RPG) players. The premise of the comic is that the Star Wars saga as we know it does not exist, rather the comic takes place in an alternate universe where Star Wars does not exist. Despite aspects of a Star Wars setting the comic's characters are oblivious to anything concerning Jedi, or Tatooine, or Anakin Skywalker before the game begins. Using screenshots from the live-action films to tell the story, the Comic Irregulars are not constrained by the dialogue, allowing a largely different plot to be constructed around the visuals from the films.







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Read Darths & Droids, Star Wars inspired, sci-fi webcomics


Star Wars as it would have been played as an RPG.
Darths & Droids
  1. Episode 2481: The Shadow Out of Time

    Brute force is always a great first resort! Who needs subtlety? The band of barbarians is a great trope for an adventuring party. Consider it some time. A whole

  2. Episode 2480: Lemme Tell Ya, Them Guys Ain’t Dumb

    If you're going to fake-betray your allies in order to get something you need from the enemy, there's a temptation to give the enemy false

  3. Episode 2479: If You Really Have Integrity It Means Your Price is Very High

    What do adventurers want? Money.

    What's a good way to get money? Sell out your friends to the enemy.

    What's a

  4. Episode 2478: Me and All Mine Are Gonna Be Around

    Massed ranks of minions are such a cool thing that you should try to used them in your games at some point.

    Seriously. Just add them in

  5. Episode 2477: Oh, I Think I Should Be With You

    Gifts serve a significant function in many societies and cultures. So gift-giving traditions could have interesting roles to play in a gaming setting.