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Darths & Droids is an "RPG screencap comic" that parodies Star Wars. The characters in the comic are roleplaying game (RPG) players. The premise of the comic is that the Star Wars saga as we know it does not exist, rather the comic takes place in an alternate universe where Star Wars does not exist. Despite aspects of a Star Wars setting the comic's characters are oblivious to anything concerning Jedi, or Tatooine, or Anakin Skywalker before the game begins. Using screenshots from the live-action films to tell the story, the Comic Irregulars are not constrained by the dialogue, allowing a largely different plot to be constructed around the visuals from the films.







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Read Darths & Droids, Star Wars inspired, sci-fi webcomics


Star Wars as it would have been played as an RPG.
Darths & Droids
  1. Episode 2263: Book Report

    People have lives - even archvillains, or the heroes' superiors. Just because you want to talk to them doesn't mean they're ready or available.

    So when your heroes try

  2. Episode 2262: The Final Touchdown

    Heroic adventurers are expected to take some risks. It would hardly be an exciting profession worthy of simulating in a game if they never took risks, would

  3. Episode 2261: Hux’s Number Two

    Little known fact: In this scene Leia is playing Space Invaders on that screen.

    aurilee writes:

  4. Episode 2260: You Just Got Time to Say Your Prayers

    There are two reactions to being put in a situation that's impossible to survive. Damn well survive anyway, or score heroic sacrifice brownie points

  5. Episode 2259: Button Down the Hatches

    Any simple task can be made harder. You can even make them epically difficult.

    One way to do this is the chain of simple tasks. The heroes want to