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Penny Arcade video game webcomic

Penny Arcade is a webcomic focused on video games and video game culture, written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik. The strip features Krahulik and Holkins' cartoon alter egos, John "Gabe" Gabriel and Tycho Brahe, respectively. Their characters spend much of the time playing and commenting on computer and video games, which forms much of the basis of the humor in the strip. As mostly a topical video gaming news comic series, there is little plot or general continuity in Penny Arcade strips, and strips are typically drawn from the perspective of fictional characters within a game or movie.







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Read Penny Arcade, video game referencing webcomics


Penny Arcade comics and news.
  1. Now that my body is handling VR much better I am back into sim racing in a big way. I had been using an ultrawide monitor for my racing display but VR is SO much better! My lap times are more than 5 seconds faster in some cases. That’s huge when winners and losers are often determined by fractions of a second. 


  2. I remember playing the original Dino Crisis, apparently they made a bunch more, but after we'd seen a velociraptor come through a window in precisely the same way a zombified dog had come through a window previously I felt comfortable moving on to something else. Also, ...

  3. New Comic: Dinophobia
  4. In what must certainly be the most clever, most wicked of techniques, Wizards is making a single, special version of the new One Ring card. There'll be thousands of the normal one, but the fancypants version will be foil and emblazon'd with the ...

  5. New Comic: The Gathering Storm
  6. Lando Norris is like the rest of the F1 Pantheon, creatures of myth I only know about because of a show on Netflix. It's a fascinating show even if you aren't into racing - in fact, it's entirely possible you will catch this strange disease merely by watching a cool

  7. New Comic: Omnipotential
  8. Apparently, Gabriel has spent so much time with racing and VR separately now that he can endure, even when those prized realms are commingled - which is a good thing, because he's committed to an hour long charity shift situated deep within Virtuality. As someone who developed the hobby and then some fairly significant skills behind

  9. New Comic: Course De Rue
  10. This is one of those "ripped from the headlines" strips - as devastating as that might seem. He'd never actually cast the spell before, and it works differently than he thought. By default, it puts one of the portals by you - so where you target the spell is actually the other end.

    There is a powerful redemption arc,

  11. New Comic: Positionality
  12. I know Ronia used to emerge from the VR Version of Dance Central exhausted, so it's not super crazy that Gabriel's cyber excursions into the delicious Pistol Whip deposit him on the couch - damp, yet also greasy. It's essentially Jazzercize circa 2023, which probably

  13. Don’t worry about my dog Gracie, she got walked IRL yesterday and I did not put her in VR. Honestly it would be a waste. A dog’s limited ability to discern color would certainly make them incapable of appreciating the luminous OLED screens in the PSVR2. Also, that’s a lot of money to spend on a dog. 



  14. New Comic: Canis Superior
  15. I've been pretty clear on how I feel about cards. So, imagine how I feel about this:

  16. New Comic: The Luxuriator
  17. My existing VR headsets have always had some kind of foam around the porthole - the aperture which enables mere meat to traverse the digimal realmz. There are even people who add more foam, as though we weren't in the kraken's-grip of a global foam shortage! The PSVR2 has a kind of thin, rubber accordion between the screen and your face which is legitimately crafty because it's

  18. New Comic: Moisture Farm
  19. It's true! Gabriel The Younger has been accepted into DigiPen, where he will hone his already prodigious skills even further. As his erstwhile uncle, having the opportunity to watch this young man become himself has been a profound honor. I would like to have a talk with him

  20. New Comic: Gabriel The Younger