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Penny Arcade is a webcomic focused on video games and video game culture, written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik. The strip features Krahulik and Holkins' cartoon alter egos, John "Gabe" Gabriel and Tycho Brahe, respectively. Their characters spend much of the time playing and commenting on computer and video games, which forms much of the basis of the humor in the strip. As mostly a topical video gaming news comic series, there is little plot or general continuity in Penny Arcade strips, and strips are typically drawn from the perspective of fictional characters within a game or movie.







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Read Penny Arcade, video game referencing webcomics


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  1. New Comic: Six Pack
  2. I like it when co-op games aren't bullshit. You know? I like it when they don't manufacture little interpersonal caltrops like divvying up collected resources per player just to transform your leisure time into a twisted and darwinian Squid Game. Deep Rock Galactic is the best comparison, philosophically. Everybody

  3. New Comic: Sample Clearance
  4. DRG: Survivor is a dangerously addictive mutation of the survivor genre, newly unleashed upon Early Access. It is a progression beyond the state of the art and is yet another necessary game here in the first few short months of the year.

  5. New Comic: Circuitor
  6. I was poking around on Reddit this morning like I do and saw this Magic the Gathering card from their new Fallout expansion. It looks like the card Fraying Sanity is based on our old Fallout 3 comic about Vault 77. One man and a box of puppets!



  7. I can’t believe how many great games there are to play right now! Here’s a list of where I’m spending my time these days.


  8. New Comic: An Even Bigger Love
  9. I was excited to hear Gigantic was coming back. You can try to fit it into some recognized genre box, but as we suggested in our 2017 strip and newspost, it doesn't readily map. That's

  10. We are approaching a time where my innermost dreams are no longer the stuff of fantasy - they can be plucked, ripe, from any tree. Crew-serving allied weapons feels just as incredible as I hoped, and you've got a couple options for it. When I play with the two other people I often play with, at our current level, we tend to have two

  11. New Comic: Maybe A Little
  12. I had basically accepted that cosmetics were a way to support games over the long-haul that essentially made sense. But Blizzard is absolutelydetermined to test the border of that.

  13. New Comic: ECBD
  14. Helldiving ain't easy, but it's necessary. There's a lot of bugs. And robots. I haven't seen any robot bugs yet, but I wouldn't put it past the enemies of managed democracy to stitch together hideous, chimaerical Terminid-Automaton hybrids born to hate our way of life.

  15. New Comic: Helldiving
  16. The Metaverse isn't a thing companies can truly say aloud, where the marks can hear, for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is that it's more or less synonymous with putting good money after bad at a scale that an arboreal monkey brain, regardless of its revision number, can't truly understand. ...

  17. I’ve been spending a lot of time pouring over pictures of stickers and albums from the 80’s and it’s bringing back lots of good memories. I can still recall walking into a sticker shop at the height of the collecting craze and being blown away by what I saw. It was like a candy store for art and I was ensorcelled. They had stickers on sheets, on rolls, in packs of cards,

  18. New Comic: Thanks In Advance
  19. As our Design Director Kiko Villasenor and I are the only two people to have attended every PAX, and as Kiko doesn't especially delight in public speaking, it falls to me to be The Chronicler.  We'll have other ways for you to travel through all that history this year, I think you'll be impressed, but there are a couple real things that are worth setting down.


  20. We've been saying that Game Pass was the platform for a really, really long time. As soon as I heard about a rumored HDMI stick with Game Pass it hermetically sealed the deal. Both of my consoles are broken, and I don't use them enough to go through the process of repair - the amount of value I get from Game Pass, and I wouldn't even