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Penny Arcade is a webcomic focused on video games and video game culture, written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik. The strip features Krahulik and Holkins' cartoon alter egos, John "Gabe" Gabriel and Tycho Brahe, respectively. Their characters spend much of the time playing and commenting on computer and video games, which forms much of the basis of the humor in the strip. As mostly a topical video gaming news comic series, there is little plot or general continuity in Penny Arcade strips, and strips are typically drawn from the perspective of fictional characters within a game or movie.







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  1. Every now and then you get a little shudder, the flap of a butterfly wing, about a Splinter Cell reboot. I think Ubisoft is pretty fuckin' good at reboots. Shit, they're good at rebooting a franchise into a new genre in the middle of the series, as it's going! Conviction is a great example of this. But their Prince of Persia reboot, and then their reboot of the prior reboot - were both

  2. You might remember me mentioning that I drew a few cards for the new Marvel Snap game. Well it looks like the first three have appeared in the game with the latest update!



  3. New Comic: Splinter Celluloid
  4. One of my favorite Star Wars Things is a completely throwaway line, in the first movie, where C-3P0 gives thanks to a ill-defined Maker. That blew my mind apart as a kid. There's so many things he could have meant by that, and I spent a lot of time embroidering the possibilities. And now Andor, in its manifold blessings, has given us cool new robot shit to think about - you might have a robot

  5. New Comic: The Next Twenty-Four
  6. Oh! Hello. I was going to write all this a few hours ago, but it required electricity which we didn't have at that time. We got out the candles and prepared to live as our forebears did; one of the Old Songs had just begun to blossom on my lips. Honestly it might have been a cold sore. But the power came on shortly thereafter and we blew the candles out.

  7. New Comic: The Ballsman
  8. I didn't actually understand what was happening at first, as is typical with the Internet. Information speed is so high that it can seem like everybody knows the same thing, so at any distance from the inciting event people are just reacting to whatever it is without including any of the context. I just noticed that Tweets had gotten incredibly maudlin and it was a lot. It turns out a bunch

  9. New Comic: Twexit
  10. I think if you are going to have a significant part of your respiratory system eaten by a dog, it's always gonna be a bad time. The best case scenario is that this sacred apparatus, so crucial to life, remain

    1. Within, and
    2. Uneaten.

    Imagine if there were an even worse way for this to happen than normal and you have the dreaded ...

  11. New Comic: How Do You Woo
  12. 24 years ago today Jerry and I Started Penny Arcade from apartment 26 in Spokane Wa. I managed to take a picture of the old place using Google Street View and the only thing missing from when we lived there was the couch we left on the porch that was soaked in cat urine. 

  13. It can't be said enough, apparently since repetition of the sentiment occasionally breaks through - even with Gorbiriel. Andor is an incredibly unlikely Star Wars show, derived more firmly from espionage thrillers, which makes sense I guess since it's from the dude who made the Bourne movies. It's Make A Star Wars Show Challenge:

  14. New Comic: Candor
  15. I was recently sent a box of Titans Terrain which I had never heard of. It is pop-up terrain for your wargaming table and after messing with it for a couple days I think it’s incredibly clever and I want to tell you guys about it.



  16. I haven't had a chance to really start Pentiment yet, I've been in the word mines all day, but I did start it up yesterday night long enough to know that it was torrid. It's an act of romantic worship, truly niche pornography; a sonar pulse that generates a three dimensional image of the wanton beasts responsible for its manufacture. They are utterly known to me, now. Indeed, they are known

  17. New Comic: Sentiment
  18. Gorb says that God Of War Ragnarok doesn't want to let you languish too long on a puzzle, I assume because the game wants to be a movie, and so they gotta put people in your business all the time. I understand the idea behind it; they want to maintain a certain momentum. It's not God Of Leisure: Respite, I guess. But it doesn't feel good, even if it does feel like ...

  19. New Comic: Boomer Tier
  20. Gorbiriel has evaporated, he ain't replying to texts, and that's because he's gotten heavily into Kratom. Or, Kratos. It's one of the two.