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  1. The next Call of Duty is rumoured to be set in the Gulf War - but what else do we know? Here's all the latest leaks and rumors.
  2. I almost felt sorry for the Automaton for a second.
  3. The new Fortnite x Star Wars event will likely bring new characters to the game.
  4. General Brasch is a larger-than-life legend of Super Earth, with citizens recounting stories about his past missions.
  5. Epic Games just confirmed another Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration coming soon. The collab will begin in early May.
  6. PSA: Don't throw Reinforcements into hordes of enemies.
  7. Some Fortnite players are worried that Epic Games might remove the Zero Build mode, and here's what we know about it.
  8. More than 100 guns, streaks, perks, equipment and upgrades have leaked for the upcoming Call of Duty 2024 installment.
  9. The Helldivers 2 community says the Marksman Rifle is useless in most engagements.
  10. There is the strong possibility that Call of Duty 2024 could be free for millions of gamers from day one of its release.