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  1. A Barbie phone, a transparent laptop, a bendable bracelet smartphone, and a whole load of AI. Here’s all the best new gear announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
  2. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to subscription scams and aggressive tech upselling. Here’s how to get your family the services and devices they need.
  3. The latest update to OpenAI’s chatbot improves the AI’s ability to remember user details, but the feature is not yet available for all ChatGPT accounts.
  4. Metalenz’s biometric tech is poised to finally give Android owners a more secure form of facial recognition—and in time could even check skin for cancerous growths or measure air quality.
  5. As the smart ring race heats up, Samsung has revealed more about its coming health-based wearable, and how it will pimp Galaxy Watches.
  6. You can see clearly now through the Project Crystal. But what is it for? And is a transparent phone next?
  7. We’ve rounded up our favorites, including third-party devices like the Sonos Era and a voice-enabled Yamaha soundbar.
  8. Whether you snooze on your side, back, or in a tangle of limbs and blankets, we've slept on all these pillows to find the right support for your noggin.
  9. The compact and refined Xiaomi 14 is a very good Android phone, but it fails to stand out among other similarly priced handsets.
  10. The Flitescooter is an easy-to-use eFoil meant to introduce newcomers to the niche sport. It’s fun to ride, but staying in control takes some practice.