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  1. This ingenious machine is easy to use and makes some of the best espresso I’ve tried—no electricity needed.
  2. The AI chatbot can search, summarize, and create PDF documents with a few handy plug-ins.
  3. The US is offering four more at-home tests to every household. Here's how to get yours.
  4. Samsung, Motorola, and other phone makers have exceeded the limits that caused France to ban the iPhone 12. In fact, all phones emit radiation—should you be worried? Here’s everything you need to know.
  5. Slap on some protection and grab a charger for your expensive investment.
  6. Apple’s earbuds now have USB-C and improved durability, but new software features mean last-gen owners won’t miss out.
  7. The leaves are changing and so are the prices. We've rounded up the best deals on all our favorite gadgets.
  8. Do a titanium shell and a dedicated Action Button make the iPhone 15 Pro worth the upgrade? We break down the differences between the latest Apple handsets.
  9. Should you splurge for the Ultra Watch 2? Or stick with the SE? Let us help you figure out which version to get (and which to avoid).
  10. Boasting ethical manufacturing, easy repairability, and industry-leading software support, this is the moral smartphone choice.