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  1. Live Nation and Pearl Jam are facing fan criticism over alleged dramatic price cuts for the group’s forthcoming Dark Matter Tour shows. More than a few customers are taking to social media to vent about the reduced ticket pricing, with a particular focus on a June 29th stop at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. At least when […]
  2. Fans claim autographed Bon Jovi albums were actually autopenned with a template of the frontman’s signature, accusing the band’s label UMG of deceit. Some fans are accusing Universal Music of deceiving them, claiming the signed editions of Bon Jovi’s new albums contain autopenned templates of frontman Jon Bon Jovi’s signature, rather than authentic autographs from […]
  3. ByteDance isn’t resting on its laurels as the fight with the United States government over TikTok’s status here heats up. To that end, the Chinese company has launched ‘Whee,’ which appears to be an Instagram clone that is only available outside the U.S. for now. Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii discovered the app, which appears […]
  4. The global festival cool down trend is continuing, with new data from the Netherlands suggesting more than 60 Dutch music festivals were canceled this year. The data suggests festivals with 3,000 attendees or more have been canceled, which is a record when you exclude pandemic years. Music festival cancellations are often followed by replacement music […]
  5. Another report is shedding light on radio’s continued reach – though the medium’s surprising popularity is far less pronounced for listeners under the age of 25. These newest radio stats pertain to the U.K. market and emerged in the spring 2024 MIDAS Survey, in which 2,143 individuals, age 15 and up, participated. Notwithstanding the continued […]
  6. TikTok looks to acquire and manage music content as it starts beefing up its Music Content Investment Team, even in the face of a potential US ban. Now that TikTok has become the de facto place for musicians to go viral and turn a hobby into a full-blown career, the ByteDance owned platform is setting […]
  7. The hackers responsible for stealing terabytes of data from Ticketmaster and other customers of cloud storage firm Snowflake have detailed their process. According to one insider, the whole incident was a chain reaction from a single breach of a Belarusian contractor. Here’s the latest. The Snowflake hack has left 165 customers like Ticketmaster cleaning up […]
  8. Global Citizen Festival 2024 kicks off September 28 with headliners Post Malone, Doja Cat, Jelly Roll, and Rauw Alejandro. Global Citizen, the leading international advocacy organization fighting extreme poverty, has announced the lineup for the 2024 Global Citizen Festival, taking place on Central Park’s Great Lawn on September 28. Post Malone, Doja Cat, Jelly Roll, […]
  9. About one month after TikTok and the U.S. government jointly moved to fast-track their case, the court has officially set a date for oral arguments. That firm date, September 16th, was just recently finalized in a brief order. After both TikTok (which is challenging a so-called ban bill) and the federal government filed in May […]
  10. SoundLabs announces a partnership with Universal Music Group to offer MicDrop, an AI vocal plug-in, to create ethical vocal models using an artist’s own voice data. SoundLabs, new AI technology company offering responsibly trained, next-gen AI tools for music creators, and Universal Music Group have announced a strategic agreement that will enable UMG’s artists and […]
  11. The Celine Dion Foundation pledges $2 million for the Celine Dion Foundation Endowed Chair in Autoimmune Neurology to bolster education and research. At the premiere of Celine Dion’s forthcoming documentary, “I AM: Celine Dion,” which debuts later this month, the Celine Dion Foundation announced a pledge of $2 million to establish the Celine Dion Foundation […]
  12. Sonopress has developed a CD made from 90% recycled polycarbonate—sourced from post-consumer waste streams collected by non-profits like The Ocean Cleanup. This new EcoCD is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 78% and avoid the manufacture of more than five metric tonnes of virgin plastic. Coldplay’s Moon Music album that is being printed on reclaimed […]
  13. Despite giving up on its own Just Walk Out technology to power self-serve grocery stores, Amazon isn’t giving up on the tech entirely. A new partnership with The O2 Arena in London will see the technology power cashier-less checkout there—ideally to reduce long lines while at the venue. Amazon Fresh grocery stores featured the Just […]
  14. Warner Music Group (WMG) is officially releasing “an innovative new music product” in Roblox, allowing players to purchase time-based music access. The major label and Styngr, a self-described developer-focused bridge between “the worlds of music and gaming,” just recently reached out with word of their underlying agreement. As many know, gaming and the wider digital […]
  15. Google has shared an update on its DeepMindAI and it’s ability to generate music that accompanies video—creating full-fledged soundtracks. The process of creating video-to-audio combines video pixels with natural language text prompts to generate a soundscape for the video. Google pairs its V2A technology with video generation models like Veo to create shots that include […]