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  1. Paul Cousins presents a multi-channel installation in which the listener becomes the performer.

    The post Patch Notes: Atomised Listening appeared first on Fact Magazine.

  2. World-building, identity and decolonising spaces in the digital and offline realms.

    The post Interview: Gabriel Massan & LYZZA appeared first on Fact Magazine.

  3. On heritage, identity, and what it means and looks like to be a practicing artist today.

    The post Interview: Tschabalala Self appeared first on Fact Magazine.

  4. Taking a hacker’s approach to create playful, subversive works of music and visual art.

    The post Interview: Freeka Tet appeared first on Fact Magazine.

  5. REVERB features 17 audiovisual installations including new works by Es Devlin and Theaster Gates, plus Devon Turnbull's Listening Room.

    The post The Vinyl Factory celebrates art and sound with immersive exhibition at 180 Studios appeared first on Fact

  6. Lyra Pramuk on how collaboration, space and healing are central to her live performance.

    The post Interview: Lyra Pramuk appeared first on Fact Magazine.

  7. Audiovisual pioneers Kristina Karpysheva and Alexandr Letsius on creating colossal, mind-bending installations.

    The post Interview: 404.zero appeared first on Fact Magazine.

  8. Behind the scenes of Mosse’s latest film, now showing at 180 Studios. Richard Mosse’s Broken Spectre uses a range of…

    The post Richard Mosse on the making of Broken Spectre appeared first on Fact Magazine.

  9. An artistic intervention from the pages of Fact's print edition, created by object blue and Natalia Podgórska.

    The post Feature: object blue appeared first on Fact Magazine.

  10. The American artist on her debut feature The African Desperate and creating work where humour and pain connect. Martine Syms…

    The post Interview: Martine Syms appeared first on Fact Magazine.