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Humming Powerman 5000 on the toilet since 2006
  1. Nothing More

    Nothing More is down with the slickness.


  2. Knocked Loose

    Good news for fans who view music as a

  3. Darkane

    Look forward to his return to the band in approximately

  4. fromhellirise_cover

    It all sounds eerily

  5. bodycount

    Talk about a collab.

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  6. Powerwolf

    Wake Up The Wicked will be released on July

  7. Apocalyptica 2024 -H- Riki Murto


  8. mindburnsalive_cover

    The thing that really makes Mind Burns

  9. serj_afday

    Weird he wrote a song exactly about what I say in the

  10. Tommy Vext

    Surprise! The police report doesn't support Vext's version of

  11. Weekend Nachos

    They felt like

  12. Vamachara

    No words on final dates


    Featuring new releases from Botanist, Kerry King,

  14. marioduplantier_meteor

    He's damn good.

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  15. ozzy_ward

    He'd like a do-over.

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