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Humming Powerman 5000 on the toilet since 2006
  1. Suicide_Silence_B_ 167_byTravisShinn
  2. kenmode

    Avenged Sevenfold, The Callous Daoboys, and Voice of Ruin also

  3. keith buckley

    He's also looking for extras for the

  4. blueridgeheader-1000x515cancel

    The comment

  5. radke_mcmahon

    Heeerrreeee's Ronnie!

    The post ...

  6. CJ McMahon Thy Art Is Murder

    Talk about a rude

  7. 3Teeth

    The new record is melodic, brooding

  8. mcmahonout_thyart

    That explains the album's sudden

  9. godforbid

    Do not sleep on this record.

    The post ...

  10. 71wb09PiOfL

    This record just really rips more than two

  11. pantera_stp

    Because that's a direct 1-to-1

  12. cannibalcorpse_summoned

    They're coming to get you,

  13. devintownsend_infinity

    "I believe this to be the

  14. callousdaoboys_923promo

    Ghost hunting never sounded so


    New releases from Cannibal Corpse, Chaver, KEN Mode