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  1. Rainbow Kitten Surprise are in their adopted hometown of Nashville, Zooming in from three different locations. Drummer Jess Haney is missing, but guitarist Ethan Goodpaster is present and serious, his comments measured. Guitarist Darrick “Bozzy” Keller is quiet, only speaking when directly asked a question. Ela Melo, their figurehead, chain-smokes cigarettes, leaving red lipstick marks […]
  2. Disco never died. The people who attended the Disco Demolition Night at Chicago’s Comiskey Park might have thought they were killing it. And those that have watched the footage might point to that event as the final nail on the coffin, but as the three-part documentary series Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution clearly lays out, […]
  3. Following an extensive 2023 touring and promotional cycle with boygenius, Julien Baker has announced her first set of solo tour dates in more than two years.
  4. With 'The Stygian Rose,' Philly's Crypt Sermon take their classic-metal influences to even more epic places.
  5. Planting her Manhattan roots into the heart of LA’s concrete jungle, the magnetic force known as Mixie refuses to be pigeonholed by genre… or otherwise. Her latest single, “La La La Love,” fuses alt-pop and hip-hop influences, as she explores themes of romantic disillusionment and the denial that precedes it. The track is an invitation […]
  6. “When was the last time you screamed?” Zsela asks me, on a humid June afternoon in Greenpoint. “I’m overdue.”  The 29-year-old experimental folk musician is sitting across from me in a large, intensely air-conditioned conference room. We’re at the office and studio of her label, Mexican Summer, discussing her forthcoming album, Big For You. With […]
  7. Coldplay have revealed the first details of their 10th studio album, the Max Martin-produced 'Moon Music,' which will be released Oct. 4.
  8. The artist offered premiered 10 songs -- some his own, some covers of tracks popularized by contemporaries -- in front of a packed crowd at SeatGeek Stadium in suburban Bridgeview.
  9. Legendary athlete discusses turning pro at the age of 14 and buying a house while he was still in high school.
  10. They've seen a million faces and rocked them all, but what are the true highs and lows of the 16-album Bon Jovi discography?