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  1. The ‘90s frost-tipped heartthrobs are back with a bubblegum-pop banger.
  2. "A performance that will be remembered for years to come.” 
  3. "'Autumn Variations' presents itself as a pleasantry – not a necessity."
  4. "As a person, it hurt that he couldn’t look me in the eye to tell me those things. I can’t lie, it was a dent to my self-confidence, as an artist and a person.”
  5. This music-listening device far outstrips modern digital products, and yet, you've likely never heard of it.
  6. “The acquisition of Bandcamp will help Songtradr continue to grow its suite of services for artists."
  7. Ahead of his massive '50 Years Of Hits' Australian tour, Ross Wilson goes behind-the-scenes on his new EP, 'She's Stuck On Facebook All The Time', exclusively for The Music.
  8. BMG’s APAC president describes Jet as “generation-defining band who achieved global success of the rarest kind”.
  9. From 2000 until 2020, Scally ran the Perth nightlife company Limelite Events. He was also involved with Stereosonic Festival.
  10. The highlights from DMA'S and Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers' rock show at one of Melbourne's most iconic venues.
  11. Angie McMahon’s talent is undeniable and must be seen if you get the chance.
  12. "I'm on the mend and can't wait to see you all next year."
  13. Other recipients included Vika & Linda, Kate Ceberano, Cerisa Benjamin and Ashli.
  14. At the time of writing, the psych-rock outfit haven’t shared any singles from 'The Silver Cord'.
  15. "After this tour, we will be going on an indefinite hiatus with shows."