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  1. The most-anticipated Bluey episode dropped.... And an Aussie singer stole the show
  2. The highlights from Bring Me The Horizon’s headline stop in Sydney.
  3. Lana Del Rey will perform on the Coachella Stage today at 4:20 pm AEST. Tomorrow, you can catch No Doubt from 2:25 pm AEST.
  4. "Coming to this venue to see live bands will take you back to the heady days when live rock bands ruled the social scene."
  5. This collection is “for the deeply committed TISM aficionado”.
  6. The new single from Crowded House evokes nostalgic feelings of going on road trips with friends with the bright harmonies and melodies of Simon & Garfunkel.
  7. Sister Janet Mead was inducted into the South Australian Music Hall of Fame in 2015.
  8. "I know we said Dark Mofo would stay quiet, but Winter wouldn't feel the same without the chance to feast and frolic during the long Tasmanian nights."
  9. Jebediah explain how their new album, 'Oiks', swings between "feelings of romantic nostalgia and f*ck you defiance".
  10. 'Application For Release From The Dream' feels like peak Thursday: epic and anthemic, with a surprise breakdown towards the end.
  11. “We hope you like 'Stella Interrupted'... It has appeared some 18 years after 'Longing'… but better late than never.”
  12. Are we so far from caring about selling out that it's not even possible anymore?
  13. Taylor Swift's music returns to TikTok after Universal pulled its roster from the platform earlier this year.
  14. The Music recently reported that the beloved Adelaide venue is in danger of being partially demolished and turned into student accommodation.
  15. All proceeds will be donated to Noro Music Therapy.