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04 March 2024



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04 March 2024

  • Found our girl at ECCC
  • What is the worst Assassin's Creed game?

    I think this depends highly on taste.

    I have played all AC games from 1 to Valhalla (Mainline), but couldn't get to finish Valhalla. It is just boring for reasons I know and/or don't know. But one that actually might be even worse than Valhalla is AC liberation (not mainline though), it also is forgettable and I only remember that it had swamps and was boring af, especially story wise.

    EDIT: (Mainline) Basically I don't like AC Valhalla because it was too boring for me to finish, and AC 1, while it had good story on surface, the gameplay is clunky, it was very repetitive too and it doesn't hold today unlike AC2.

    BTW the only AC game nobody mentioned as the least favourite here is AC Revelation!! EDIT: NVM

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  • Final!

    After four months of Origins it is finally over. Great game and surely will be missed. Every mission, side quest, boss, question marks, exclamation marks finished - whole terrain and in after life.

    Instead of playing the next AC game - decided to alternate between Odyssey, Mirage, Unity, and Syndicate, AC III remastered. Probably take me a year but variety will be exciting..

    I van tell you that Mirage is a lot different and you don't get off easy.. more strategy and stealth.

    submitted by /u/tvosinvisiblelight to r/AssassinsCreedOrigins [link] [comments]
  • Assassins Creed Black Flag: The Natural Allies Indeed.

    Skull and Bones does not have this . Black flag has some Natural Allies that meet. Some Un-Natural also.

    submitted by /u/Streamers_Fanzone to r/Assassins_creed [link] [comments]
  • Nothing will ever touch the lighting in Unity
  • I still don't like her (OC)
  • Why do people say Syndicate is light hearted?

    I've just started sequence 6 and finding the tone no different to previous games. If anything I'm finding it easier to take the Templars more seriously than Rodrigo Borgia. I mean, AC2 ends with you having a punch out with the Pope. That's peak silliness. The only thing I found silly was the gang takeover which isn't integral to the main plot. How is Rupert Ferris, David Brewster, John Elliotson and Pearl Attaway light hearted?

    submitted by /u/idkwhatidek to r/assassinscreed [link] [comments]
  • I love Shaun from his first appearance in Assassin's Creed II

    So, Shaun is annoying guy, who likes to brag about how awesome he is and depreciate other people and their achievements. But that's not as simple as that. He is jealous. That it's not him. Try to put yourselves in his shoes. Being an average guy that spends whole day at the computer, instead of being the chosen one. Of course he is jealous and of course he becomes sarcastic and cynic. Also his flaws makes him interesting and that's also natural.

    What do you think about Shaun? I loved him from the very beginning. Maybe because he isn't just all talk. He actually helps, he is just full of personality flaws. Perfect characters are boring. He is interesting.

    What I love about him is exactly his flaws. His jealousy, his offensive manner of speaking, behaving and so on.

    submitted by /u/Vulpes_macrotis to r/assassinscreed [link] [comments]
  • Revelations is my favorite game in the franchise

    Having replayed the Ezio trilogy recently, Revelations ultimately takes the cake for me. It’s arguably not as mechanically fleshed out as Brotherhood, but has most of that game’s adaptations on the formula like the Templar Districts and Assassin Brotherhood mechanics, and is FAR ahead of AC2 which I found to be pretty janky and inconsistent in terms of both parkour and combat. I’d also argue that it was the most polished of the three, with the hook blade mechanic being a welcome addition to diversifying movement options, less frustrating optional sync objectives; and generally less jank like getting desynced due to getting detected a frame before you kill an enemy, etc. Sure, additions like the Den Defence and Bomb Crafting weren’t brilliant, but they were mostly avoidable so didn’t compromise the experience. FWIW I actually enjoyed the first Den Defence mission, weirdly…..

    But ultimately what puts Revelations at number 1 for me is the FANTASTIC storytelling, writing, and voice acting. The side characters you meet like Suleiman, Yusuf, Sofia etc are all incredibly memorable. You feel connected to Sofia, you mourn Yusuf when he dies, and you feel well aligned with Suleiman. I also loved how Ezio was clearly conflicted between just being done with the assassins but also wanting to finalise the 30+ years he spent trying to find closure with his journey, from losing his family, to becoming a master assassin, etc. The Altair missions were also incredibly insightful as to his journey beyond AC1, and ultimately the ending capped both protagonists' arcs off in such a satisfying and emotional manner, as well as providing much more perspective on the Isu side of things. Ultimately I've always felt Brotherhood had the weakest story, and I felt like Revelations' was better executed, acted, told, and paced than 2, though 2 showing Ezio's arc from a vengeful teenager into a wise assassin was great.

    I've always loved Revelations but for some reason I walked away from this third playthrough stunned by the quality of narrative and pacing, maybe because I'm older, idk. As for the other games, I've yet to replay Black Flag since about 3 years ago, I remember liking it but I'm generally not massive on ship combat, though I remember Edward's arc being one of the best in the franchise. I like the RPG games, especially Odyssey, less so Valhalla, but they don't feel like the bread and butter of AC for me. Unity's story doesn't do it for me and was still unpolished even several years after launch.

    Anyway, please note this is just my opinion upon a recent playthrough, but yeah.

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  • Hhmmm Ikaros


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