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29 September 2023


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29 September 2023

  • How good of an alternative is Saints Row

    I’ve wanted a GTA like game on PS5 but didn’t want to pay the price. Will saints row give me the basic feeling of like shooting random people on the road and stealing that GTA perfected and is so well known for. It’s free on PS+ but idk if I wanna download

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  • Ellie And Franklin Argue
  • POTENTIAL GTA 6 MARKETING...Watch The Video and LMK your thoughts

    I found this music festival video online which is held in Miami and my God does it have a Grand Theft Auto Feel it's even call Vice City in the OG Vice City font. And the music festival host is running a mission in Tommy's blue palm tree shirt. With the GTA HUD. And in the opening credits I swear you can see little tiny movies of actual graphics/gameplay.

    submitted by /u/FrostyHoney69 to r/grandtheftauto [link] [comments]
  • Fivem new rebels to

    New city hood people good vibes

    submitted by /u/Far_Writing9035 to r/GrandTheftAutoV_PC [link] [comments]
  • Transaction failed because inventory or price data is invalid. Did cayo and was supposed to get 2.5M. Rebooted gta and nothing happened. How can i get my money?

    Wanna play GTA 5 on any device? Even phone or tablet? Watch this video of me playing GTA RP on my Google Pixel! Tutorial Coming soon!!!

    Don't Forget to Comment, Like & Subscribe!!!

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  • Can someone give me a compilation of all of the confirmed elements of GTA VI?

    What new mechanics are confirmed to be in the game? Plot points? Characters?

    submitted by /u/Odd_Tradition_3002 to r/grandtheftauto [link] [comments]
  • can you not train chop anymore?

    I've played GTA 5 for only 30 hours or so, i heard you could download an Ifruit app on your phone to train chop. I've also heard you could change your number plate with the Ifruit app. but i cant find it in the google playstore. is it not available on my device? (Samsung A70)? is it only on Iphone? or does the app not exist anymore?

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  • I can't launch the game (app already running) or nothing happens

    When I press play rockstar launcher opens which tells me to play on steam, like this:

    when i click "play on steam" steam will me game app is already running. when i try to start the game from the rockstar launcher nothing ever happens... i didnt have this problem until yesterday i dont know what the hell am i supposed to do? windows is up to date, drivers updated. everything, gtav, rockstar launcher, uninstalled/installed.

    submitted by /u/VAMPIR_AVCISI_BUFFY to r/GrandTheftAutoV [link] [comments]
  • Was it intended for Michael to discover that Jimmy and Tracey were not his kids?

    A lot of things have always bugged me about Michael's family, and I think that Rockstar may have been laying some groundwork to prove that Michael's children were not his. Here's why I believe this....

    1) When Amanda's drunk, she'll tell Michael she didn't like him at first and was interested in "the other guy" he was with. It's also revealed in hangouts that she got pregnant with Tracey almost immediately after she met Michael and was also working as a hooker at the time.

    2) Amanda doesn't answer the question when Michael asks if she ever slept with Trevor, but says "I feel sick". If she did sleep with him, at what point did it happen if she and Michael got together so quickly due to the pregnancy?

    3) When you play tennis as Trevor with Amanda, it's strongly implied something sexual happened between them at some point.

    4) Has anyone ever noticed how in the painting of the kids in Michael's living room, Jimmy looks remarkably similar to Brad in terms of his hair colour and style?

    5) Michael himself even questions if the kids are his own, and Tracey will say she wishes Trevor was her father.

    6) If you call Jimmy up as Trevor on the drive to the airfield to get to North Yankton, Trevor tells Jimmy he's always doubted if Michael was his dad. Trevor also digs at lot at Michael about being a father and when he reminds him of Amanda's past with prostitution Michael gets really pissy!

    6) Rarely do fictional families ever have similar appearance due to casting limitations, but those kids look nothing like Michael. Surely the animation department could have worked on it and improved the family resemblance a little bit, if one was intended?

    7) Tracey's personality is a lot like Trevor's. She's into drugs and alcohol, she does a lot of stuff to make Michael's life harder. She's happy to threaten to have her own mother killed in the very first scene she's in, which seems very "Trevor" to me haha! She loves attention and is kind of "flighty" in a similar way to how Trevor is constantly into something or someone's business, darting from one big drama to the next.

    8) Jimmy is a hell of a lot like Lester when you break it down, Michael even says so himself when you're trailing the janitor guy in the FIB raid set up. They're both slightly overweight, both have issues in terms of health and socializing, they're both tropey "shut-in gamers". They both have absolutely no tolerance for Michael's bullsht and will back talk him like there's no tomorrow, and both of them like starting sht online too.

    9) Tracey is a natural blonde by the looks of it from the old pictures in the De Santa house, and obviously that's nothing conclusive but it's what originally lead me to wonder about all this....

    The way Michael gets his family back together felt so rushed to me, so I've always wondered if Rockstar intended to do more with that element. I think it seems like they laid a few clues to potentially expand on who was their real daddy in some way, but probably changed their mind because it would be so grim to find out for sure that the kids aren't Michael's and undoubtedly it would have sent him into a tailspin of depression and violent behaviour which the tone and length of the game didn't really allow for.

    Anyway, just a theory that's something a bit different to the whole Chiliad thing or if we're ever going to see story DLC haha!

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