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Overwatch – Game News 24

14 April 2024

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14 April 2024

  • Imagine if they never changed Mercy’s original design

    I am just so curious what significant changes would he have had compared to current Mercy and would we have a completely different support character that people fixate over and completely dominates the most played statistics (either a different design for one of the ones we currently have or someone completly new that fits that cutesy blonde aesthetic). I unfortunately think this version would never have been a fan fave and likely would get the treatment that characters like Bap get. Hardly any skins or other in game content and kinda just pushed aside (possibly even less lore based stuff as well). Mercy is probably the most well decorated character in the game and I don’t see that happening if she ended up not fitting a certain demographic, to put it lightly.

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  • I'm ashamed to even be asking this to improve my mechanical skills and reaction times without the use of a hard stimulant drug?

    Silver 5 tank main, mostly play Dva (peaked silver 3)

    I won't reveal the specific drug in question in case it breaks the rules (check my post history if you want to know what drug it is specifically), but I often will use said hard stimulant drug while playing competitive overwatch because it improves my reaction time, focus, and mechanical skill. I'm a lot more able to pay attention to all the moving parts of the game (where my supports are so I know when to peal, reaction time so I can retreat/engage at the right time, etc).

    However said drug is having impacts on my physical health as well as my relationships so I need to develop a healthier relationship with it, and that includes not depending on it to play better. But I just don't have the same level of focus, awareness, and speed sober. How do I develop/practice this besides just "play more"? I'm afraid if I play sober too long I'll rank down. I'm already on a losing streak after coming off my last binge. I feel like a professional athlete admitting to using steroids ffs.

    Edit: I'd also like to add I started said drug BEFORE I started overwatch and it was during my last 11-month clean streak off that drug was when I started overwatch. I don't do this drug just for overwatch, but I found it made the game more fun and that I won more while on it.

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  • Petition to rebrand r/Overwatch league into r/Overwatch Championship Series.

    Ever since OWL shut down this subreddit’s been kinda dead and it sucks cause it was one that I think still has potential. It could be rebranded to be one for the OWCS and for discussing the competition like how it used to be during the days of OWL

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  • I got bored and drew this don't @ me
  • HOT TAKE: The OTHER reason Elo hell exists

    People constantly complain about elo hell and many people just tell them to git gud, and it seems like they never climb no matter how much they try and learn.

    One thing everyone forgets to realize is that the community’s skill level isn’t static. It’s not that one Widowmaker that keeps getting out-sniped by Zenyatta, but keeps perching themselves in the same exact spot upon respawn because they forgot the rest of the Kaplan-forsaken map exists; The Community’s growth is DYNAMIC.

    Gold players today are not making the mistakes that Masters players were making in 2017 (As often). The community is constantly learning and growing and evolving over time, and if you, as an individual player, are gaining skill at the same rate as everyone else, then you’ll always stay in the same rank— because the skill requirements of the ranks is rising steadily like my temper when our teammate Mei keeps walling off our supports by “accident”.

    The only way to climb is to learn faster and outplay the enemy teams you come up against……AND your own teammates.

    (Also, stop blaming your bad teammates for not climbing—you’re basically just complaining that you weren’t carried… Unless you’re a one-trick Mercy, then you HAVE TO be carried if they don’t want you going battle Mercy.)

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  • Genji really thought he could stop me
  • How to deal with Anxiety when Gaming

    Hey, everyone! Almost every gamer is familiar with some stress/anxiety while gaming.

    Dealing with anxiety is important because it can significantly impact a player's mental and physical health and ability to perform during the game.

    I’ve been coaching OW players for 6 years and have been in the top 500 since season 3 of OW1. Now I'm coaching on Metafy for the most part. In this article, I wanted to share some tips on how to deal with anxiety/ stress while gaming. I've been able to accumulte all of those tips during years of my coaching work and in-game practice!

    How do you understand that you have anxiety?

    1. When you have excessive worry or fear about in-game events or situations.

    For example, you might have those thoughts:

    • What will my team think of me if I don’t do well?
    • What will everyone think of me if I die a lot and have bad stats?
    • What if I get bad teammates?
    • I might fail when I'm going to try to play this role/ character.
    • I’m afraid that when someone is going to flank, I won’t be able to hit my shots.

    2. When you have difficulty concentrating or focusing.

    For example, you might experience this:

    • Can’t think clearly and feel dizzy.
    • Have too many thoughts.
    • Can’t focus on a specific goal while gaming (trying to focus on too many things)

    3. Muscle tension.

    For example, you might be tensing up under pressure (when enemies are actively shooting you) or tensing up in general.

    4. Avoidance of certain situations or activities.

    For example, you might be afraid to:

    • Take duels with enemies.
    • Play ranked.
    • Lose your rank.

    How do I deal with anxiety?


    • If you are afraid of smth, then try to do that exact thing. Some players can feel less stressed after being exposed to situations they are fearful of multiple times. For example, you might be frightened of taking duels with flankers, and your aim can be shaky because you feel nervous, but after you try to take those 1v1s multiple times, you will feel more confident.

    More about this topic is in the “Make mistakes” section

    • Focus on what you can control.

    Don’t focus on your teammates that much. Yes, they make mistakes, but you can’t control them. Focus on your gameplay instead; think about what you can do better and improve on. You can even leave the voice chat if it is affecting your performance. That can help you be much less stressed.

    • Be prepared.

    You feel more confident if you're prepared for your game session. It is the same thing as being ready for an exam. If you did everything you could to prepare, you perform and feel better. Focus on getting better as a player; if you improve at certain concepts, you get less stressed about how you will perform in the game.

    More about this topic is in the Effective practice section.

    • Compare yourself to yourself, not yourself to other players.

    When we compare ourselves to others, we are really telling ourselves we are not good enough. It is completely fine to learn from others and be inspired by them, but remember to focus on your own strengths and resources. Think about it like climbing to the top of a mountain. You are the only one who knows what kind of tools and resources you have and how best to use them to make your next step.

    • Think about how to make the process more enjoyable.

    You might enjoy playing specific role and particular characters, so pick those more. Surround yourself with people who support you: it might be the same like-minded community/ Discord server, forum, or your friends. You might listen to music if it helps to calm your nerves (make sure you can still hear footsteps and important in-game events). That can boost your confidence and reduce stress level.

    Overall, building confidence has many nuances. I might release an article on that later.


    It's essential to take breaks from gaming to give your mind and body a chance to relax and recharge. I suggest taking 10-15 min breaks every hour or so. When taking a break, do some other activities that are not related to PC: Like going outside for a walk, stretching, exercising, calling your friend, playing with your pet and other similar activities. You can take breaks after 2–3 losses as well. A lot of times your brain is going to tell you that everything is fine, and you can try playing some more, but it is better to stick to a specific routine and take a break after a certain amount of losses, no matter what, so you will be able to recharge your mind.


    Mindfulness techniques, such as deep breathing and meditation. can help you stay calm and focused while gaming.

    • Deep breathing (can be done during the game even)

    When you feel stressed, your heart rate will increase, so you can slow it down by breathing slowly (Take laziest breaths). You can try to inhale slowly with your nose and exhale slowly with your mouth. Do it three times to reduce the stress after your death or another bad event in the game.

    • Meditation (Can do it before or/ and after your game session)

    Focus on your breath and make sure you sit comfortably and no one can disturb you. If any disturbing thought are appearing it is totally fine, just look to refocus on your breath. Do slow (lazy) breathing as described above. You might spend 15–20 minutes on that activity every day. It is possible to do meditation when taking a break after one/two hours of playtime or before/ after your game session to calm your nerves.


    • Eat nutrition-rich food.

    Your food should be rich with magnesium (leafy greens, legumes and nuts), zinc (oysters, cashews, liver, beef, and egg yolks) and omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, and herring)

    • Drink enough water.

    For healthy individuals, the average daily water for men is about 15.5 cups (3,6 liters) and for women, about 11.5 cups (2,7 liters). It includes other fluid resources, which you get (Like coffee, tea, vegetables, fruits, juice, and soup). Usually, you need 6 cups of plain water daily (1,4 liters). Remember, that number can change depending on your activity level, environment, temperature, age and overall health. I highly recommend drinking fluids throughout the day to avoid dehydration. You might drink a little bit of water before every game/ round, but do not try to drink Six cups of water at once :)

    • Getting enough sleep.

    Make sure to get 7–9 hours of sleep. It's important to note that individual sleep needs may vary, and some people may require more or less sleep. Do not stay up till late night unnecessarily. Yes, you might think that playing a couple more games is a good idea, especially when you got a lot of wins, but it is a trap. Playing more games is not good for long term improvement. It is always better to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, which allows you to increase the quality of your sleep and wake up the next day well-rested, so you are able to practice effectively again and reduce your anxiety in the long term.

    • Exercise.

    Exercising is a great way to reduce stress. I usually suggest doing at least 30-min training every day. It is a great way to start your day, because you are able to increase your energy level and that can impact how you play significantly!


    • Pre choose your response instead of reacting

    Here, I can share something called a Thought model. We as humans are always facing certain curcumstances or FACTs (FACT is smth you can’t change) → after that we are getting certain THOUGHTs → Get a FEELING→ Do ACTION → Achieve RESULT.

    I will give you an example: As a player, you might be getting one teammate who is flaming you (FACT) → you might think smth like: Well, this game is unwinnable bc of this guy (THOUGHT) → you are getting angry (FEELING) —> your aim becomes way too tensed and jittery (ACTION) → You miss all your shots (RESULT). What we want to understand about this model is that your THOUGHT drives your RESULT.

    I use this model with my students quite frequently in my coaching sessions. You can do this exercise, for example:

    1. First step: acknowledge what kind of facts are usually triggering negative thoughts.
    2. Second step: reflect on what you can choose to think instead, when facing certain stressful circumstances (facts), so it will lead to better results.

    There are many more details about how you can use this model, but I can write about it in my next articles, if you are interested!

    • Write down chaotic notes on a piece of paper/ phone.

    What I mean by that is that you try to write down anything that comes to your mind; just write down stuff until you do not have anything else to say. You will empty your mind from all those thoughts and feel much better. It is a beneficial activity even when you have some problems IRL.

    • Write down structured notes on a piece of paper/ phone.

    With structured notes, you want to unclutter your thoughts and find solutions to your problems, giving you a clear picture of how you feel about specific events and what you are afraid of and struggle with, so you feel less stressed. Hear what anxiety is trying to say to you!

    These kinds of questions can help you, for example:

    1. Ask yourself: Why do you feel nervous? (Find the root cause)
    2. What is the worst thing that could happen if the specific event occurred? (Here, be realistic when answering it. A lot of times, we as humans tend to overthink a lot of stuff)
    3. Think about what could go right if the specific event occurred. (Think about the opportunities that you are going to have)
    4. What can you do to feel better and happier? Find small things that can help. Later, once you add more and more stuff, then it will be significant.

    5)What do I need to work on as a player? What is the next step I need to take if I want to achieve my goal?

    Remember, we, as humans, level up any fear. Answering those questions will help you feel more calm. You might go over those before each game session.

    • Positive self-talk.

    Often, we are being too hard on ourselves, but no one talks to yourself more than you, so be nice and kind. If you have negative thoughts, try to form something positive out of those, which will help you improve. For example, Instead of saying: “I lost three matches in a row, I’m so bad at this game,” you can find smth positive: “I lost three games, but learned X, Y and Z, that can help me as a player”. We want to be realistic and optimistic: acknowledge problems and not just say that everything is good, but think about how to solve those. During your games if you start paying attention to what you are doing wrong and getting stressed too much, you can refocus on what is actually working for you to reduce your anxiety.

    • Accept your stress/worry:

    Try to treat stress itself as non-threatening, it’s your perception of it that makes it harmful and elevates anxiety. When you recognize that you are getting stressed, look to accept it, slow down and think about possible solutions.

    6. SET GOALS.

    • Set realistic goals.

    Setting realistic goals for your gaming sessions can help you feel more in control and less anxious. Break down larger goals into smaller, achievable tasks, and celebrate your progress along the way. For example, it is not best to have too general goal like: “I want to work on positioning”. Break down this big theme: for example, you can focus on playing near cover, taking certain angles, taking high ground, etc.

    • Focus on 1–2 goals while playing.

    When you try to focus on too many ideas, paying attention to your gameplay becomes challenging, which can increase your stress level. Our working memory as humans is limited, and If you work on multiple concepts, then you will not be able to truly master any of those. Working memory will be overloaded because your attention and energy get divided among various tasks.

    • Write down what you need to work on.

    You can try to write down your goals on sticky notes and keep them in front of you, so this way, you will be able to concentrate on that more instead of being stressed about specific in-game events that might happen.

    There are many more specifics about how to set goals effectively, but I will write about that topic in my next articles.


    It is a common problem for players to be afraid to fail in their games, but remember, fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. We, as humans, level up any fear. You double the chances of success if smth goes wrong. You want to experiment, push your limits and be more proactive. That is the big part of learning the game; see what kind of plays are getting value and implement those in your gameplay.

    You might be scared to make a mistake at first, but the more you make mistakes - the more comfortable you are going to be. Confidence comes from facing smth and overcoming the challenge, not taking the challenge away. See mistakes as stepping stones to help you climb to the top. If you are not making mistakes, you will not be able to figure out the next thing you should do to improve your gameplay.

    Additionally, you don’t want to focus on what could go wrong; think about what could go right. Implementing all of that should help decrease your stress level.


    • Self- VOD review.

    Many players often place excessive pressure on themselves during matches. Quite frequently, I notice that players try to analyze and pinpoint their mistakes in real-time, which is not effective for multiple reasons. Firstly, this diverts your focus from how to win your next fight. Additionally, you might start picking up too many mistakes, and your working memory will be overwhelmed, which will lead to an increased stress level. To solve that problem, I suggest analyzing your games after your matches in self- VOD reviews (Spending 15-20 minutes on a VOD review 1-2 times per week is usually enough). During the match, redirect your attention towards planning how to win your next fight. Following those tips can help decrease your stress level.

    • Warm up.

    Make sure to invest 15-20 minutes on warm up before your active practice. That will help to mentally prepare for your game session. Make sure to have proper settings and sit comfortably as well.

    • Active practice AND Having fun.

    I suggest actively practicing certain skills, when you can be highly focused. Don’t force yourself to improve at smth, if you are mentally exhausted/ not feeling well. Play at a specific time of the day to increase your focus, reduce distractions. Notice how long you can stay highly focused and play during that time. The number of hours depends on the person. It might be good to start with 1-2 hours of active practice first. Once you get comfortable with your active hours amount, you can slowly increase it. It works the same way with any other sport or activity. For example, if you go to gym you will not be able to lift 100kg instantly. You need to start with lightweights first. Use your active practice time to improve at something, and don’t forget to take breaks.

    It is completely fine to focus on having fun with your friends/ do other activities during other times. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when learning new skills. Make sure you are able to stay calm and relaxed. This is going to help you reduce anxiety.

    Personal story: Back in OW1 I was playing quite a lot and I remember when I was trying to do an experiment and try to play Rein only to top 500 with no voice. There was a point where I got stuck in diamond for some time, and I was not able to rank up at all, haha :) I found out that I was putting too much pressure on myself (not relaxed), which led to tunnel vision and anxiety, that is why I got stuck. It was kinda funny, because, on my main, I was comfortably playing Rein in top 100 lobbies in 80% of my games! I was able to do so there easily, because I was relaxed and calm VS being stressed on other account, when doing the Rein only to top 500 challenge.

    Additionally, I discovered that a lot of players have the opposite problem, where they feel more relaxed on their alt accounts. It is important to recognize it and understand what is causing you such stress when playing on the main account. Deal with your stress by going through those tips, which I mentioned above in this article.

    • Mute voice, if it is affecting your performance.

    Remember, what people say to you first is not about YOU, it is about THEM. Whatever they tell you - it is about their own thoughts/ emotions and interpretation of the situation. Understanding that and focusing on your performance as your first priority can help with being stressed, too. Mute the voice, if it is affecting your performance way too much.


    • Listen to calming music.

    I personally prefer listening to calm ambient melodies.

    • Connect with friends.

    Socializing with friends and loved ones can provide emotional support and help you feel less anxious.

    • Engage in hobbies outside of gaming.

    Pursuing other interests and hobbies can help you relax and take your mind off gaming-related stress.


    • Lastly, remember this: It is just a game.

    Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that it is just a game, and we play it because it is fun!

    Those who enjoy playing are more confident and highly motivated to learn, improve and get better results. That can reduce stress significantly.

    Final word

    If you are able to implement at least one small tip from this article on a daily basis, that is a big WIN!

    1. What kind of advice do you find the most helpful?

    2. What tip can you implement in your daily routine?

    3. Imagine how less stressed you are going to be in 1 week → 1 month → 1 year, if you implement certain advice?

    I hope you enjoyed this read! :) Let me know in the comments what you guys want me to write about next.

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  • Captain, by me
  • Overwise, a web app to help track your competitive performance

    Hi, I recently finished building Overwise, an online tool to help competitive Overwatch players track our performance based on many metrics. Now, in addition to knowing your hero win rate, you can see your map, and game mode win rate, as well as how you perform as specific heroes or roles in those maps or modes. Please check it out and let me know what you think and what improvements I could make. Link

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  • About Zarya's skins....

    I find them truly boring... the only skin I like from her line is the Barbarian. Is it just me? am I not appreciating our mother Russia enough? Ever since release of OW I find her cosmetics really bland.

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