Employment Contracts
Filing for a Copyright
Intellectual Property Protection
Legal Issues in Hiring and Firing
Non-Compete Agreements
Rights in the Workplace
Trademark Protection
Trademark Searches
Work for Hire
Acting as Your Own Lawyer
Sexual Harassment
Important Documents for All Firms
Prepared Legal Forms
Employee Handbook
Alternate Dispute Resolution
Finding a Lawyer
Specialty Law Firms
State Bar Association Directory



Getting Placed In Your Favorite UK Television Show
Getting Placed In Your Favorite US Television Show
The Actor’s Checklist
Using a vCard to Pass Along Various Ways to be Contacted
State Communication Associations
Phone Cards On Other Systems
Zip Codes
Country Codes
Postal Abbreviations
State Area Codes by Code
Postal Answer Line
Speakers Bureaus
Speech and Image Consultants
Paging at Major U.S. Airports
U.S. Toll Free Airline Telephone Numbers
Industry Newsletters
Stock Video and Media Sources
Music Libraries for Music, Sound Effects and Sound Media Sources
Media Organizations for Arts and Entertainment to Send Press Information To
The World's Top Twenty Spoken Languages
The International Phonetic Alphabet of the International Phonetic Association



Consumer Price Index
Charity and the Corporation
Corporate Responsibility
Gross National Product
Money Supply, Yield Curve
Choosing an Architect
Corporate Art
Major Real Estate Developers
Business Brokers
Lease Negotiation Tips
The Oldest Companies
The World's One Hundred Largest Public Companies
The Best Corporate Reputations in America



Searching for Music and Songs On Apple iTunes
U.S. Postal Service Offers Online Bill-Paying Service
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.
Music Publishing Via MP3 Format
Consumer Privacy
News Via Email
Broadcast Job Fairs
Investment Advice Site
Television Information on the Web
Knight-Ridder Online Magazine
Microsoft Corp's Online Political Magazine
Myers Internet Services
TVGEN - Television Listings Service
Web Site Aids Retirement Planning
Microsoft and NBC Business Video
Enhanced Domain Name System
Web Outreach to the Handicapped
Universal In-Box
Digital Image Distribution System
Information on "push" Technologies
Music For Underprivileged Children
Food Recipe Selector
London Business School's i:Lab



Stock Exchanges of the World; Their Commission and Fee Structure
The Russell Indexes
The Dow Jones Industrial Average Climb to 10000
The Stock Market
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE): NYSE Listing Requirements and Historical Records
American Stock Exchange (Amex)
Irwin Professional Publishing
The OTC Market: NASDAQ
Dividends and Splits
Securities and Exchange Commission
Municipal Bonds
U.S. Government Securities
U.S. Stock Exchanges
8 Types of Mutual Funds
Choosing a Mutual Fund
Economic Indicators
Bonds on the Amex
The Dow Jones Averages: Industrial, Transportation, Utility
Bond Ratings
Business Incubators
Financing a Business Through Venture Capital
Business Loan Advice From Wells Fargo
Alternative Financing and Venture Club Directory
Standard & Poor's 500
Banks That Are Start-Up and Small Business Friendly
History and Structure of the Standard & Poor's 500
Standard & Poor's 500 Index Calculation
Economic Indicator: Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
History of the Dow Jones Averages, 1884 - 1995
International Monetary Fund: The Role of the IMF and IMF History



Relocation to the West Coast, East Coast, Living at an Artists’ Community, and Other Strategies on Where Actors Can Live
World's Largest Nations by Area

International Maps

Map of the Central Balkans
Map of the Former Yugoslavia
CIA Map of the Former Yugoslavia

U.S. State Maps

Map of the State of Alabama
Map of the State of Alaska
Map of the State of Arizona
Map of the State of Arkansas
Map of the State of California
Map of the State of Colorado
Map of the State of Connecticut
Map of the State of Delaware
Map of the State of Florida
Map of the State of Georgia
Map of the State of Hawaii
Map of the State of Idaho
Map of the State of Illinois
Map of the State of Indiana
Map of the State of Iowa
Map of the State of Kansas
Map of the State of Kentucky
Map of the State of Louisiana
Map of the State of Maine
Map of the State of Maryland
Map of the State of Massachusetts
Map of the State of Michigan
Map of the State of Minnesota
Map of the State of Mississippi
Map of the State of Missouri
Map of the State of Montana
Map of the State of Nebraska
Map of the State of Nevada
Map of the State of New Hampshire
Map of the State of New Jersey
Map of the State of New Mexico
Map of the State of New York
Map of the State of North Carolina
Map of the State of North Dakota
Map of the State of Ohio
Map of the State of Oregon
Map of the State of Pennsylvania
Map of the State of South Carolina
Map of the State of South Dakota
Map of the State of Tennessee
Map of the State of Utah
Map of the State of Vermont
Map of the State of Virginia
Map of the State of Washington
Map of the State of Washington D.C.
Map of the State of West Virginia
Map of the State of Wisconsin
Map of the State of Wyoming



Federal Information Center
Regulatory Agencies
Freedom of Information Act
GPO Business Publications
GPO Electronic Bulletin Board
White House Conference
Small Business Administration (SBA)
Small Business Support
Assistance from the Government
Major Trade Associations Directory
Government Industry Specialists Directory
The Federal Laboratory Consortium
U.S. Government Periodicals and Subscriptions
Alternatives to an SBA Loan
A Guide to Government Publication Information
Winning Government Contracts
The 7(A) Loan Guaranty Program
The International Trade Loan Program
The Export Working Capital Program
Women's & Minority Prequalification Loan Program
The Certified and Preferred Lenders Program
The 7(M) MicroLoan Program
The 504 Certified Development Company Program
The Small Business Investment Company Program
The Surety Bond Program
Business Counseling and Training
Pollution Control Loan Program
Free Government Help
Export Assistance From the SBA



What Salaries of the American Worker Have Kept Pace With Inflation
Choosing a Benefits Program
Executive Education
Compensation and Benefits
Employee Burnout
Job Interview Tips
Job Interview Questions
Business School Placement Offices
ESL Programs
Outplacement Firms & Headhunters
Affirmative Action
Labor Union Directory
Best Companies to Work For
National Labor Relations Board
Personnel Testing
Family & Medical Leave
Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For In '99



A Listing Of Emergency Numbers And Web Sites Relating To The World Trade Center Disaster And Aftermath
Intellectual Property Protection
The Multinational Executive Travel Companion
Export Intermediaries
Cities for International Business
Making International Contacts
The Newly Independent States
PAL, SECAM, NTSC Conversion
Targeted Trade Barriers
Trade Assistance
Export Regulations
Organizations Focusing on Trade
International Trade Administration Directory
Trade-Weighted Dollar Exchange Rate
Import/Export Directories
Method of Payment Abroad
Worldwide Taxes
U.S. Passport Agencies
Export Financing Assistance
Government Resources for Exporters
Currencies of the World
Translation Services
Government Licensed Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders
American Chambers of Commerce Abroad
International Community: Facts and Statistics about Countries of the World
Directory of World Trade Centers for International Trade and Foreign Affairs



Companies for Yacht, Boat Building and Repairing
Leading Motor Vehicle and Car Body Manufacturers
Manufacturers' Sales Agencies
Industrial Buying Guides
Overseas Manufacturing
The Advanced Technology Program
Producer Price Index
Labeling Regulations
Waste Management Directory
Waste Exchanges Directory
Major Standards Developers
Industry Studies
Environmental Issues
ISO 9000 Quality Standards
The Clean Air Act
A Directory of EPA Regional Offices
Tax Incentives for Recycling
Environmental Hotlines
Environmental Organizations of the Chemicals and Materials Industries



The Actor's Checklist
Choosing an Ad Agency
Sources for Marketing Information
Media-Buying Services
Graphic Artists and Designers
Alternative Newspapers
Music Permissions
College Newspaper Advertising
Product Placement Firms
Celebrity Booking Services
Public-Media Relations and Working With the Press
Publicity Services
Selecting a Public Relations Firm
Hiring A Copywriter
Marketing with Audiotext
News Clip Analysis and Foreign Press Monitoring with Clipping Services
Talent Agencies, Talent Representatives and Casting Directors
Major Market Researchers in the Computer Industry
Green Marketing
VNR and Industrial Video
Direct-Response Fulfillment Houses
Top 10 U.S. Cyber Markets



Convention and Meeting Industry Organizations
Corporate Charge Cards
MCI's Tips on Preventing Toll Fraud
Color Printing
Catalogue Sources
Office Furniture by Mail
Voice Mail
Convention and Visitors Bureaus
Telecommunications Services
Airline Directory
Convention Centers
Airline Service Contacts
Auto Rental Companies



Addresses To Know
The Animal World
The Arts
Biography Bits
Forms of Address
Grammar and Punctuation
Libraries and Museums
The Outdoors
Personal Finances
Real Estate
Sports and Games
Time and Dates
Weights and Measures



The Rules of the Republican Party
The Charter and The Bylaws of the Democratic Party



Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Santa Claus and Charitable Giving During the Holiday Season
How to Help Balkan Refugees In and Around Kosovo
Balkan Profile: Bosnia and Hercegovina
Balkan Profile: Albania
Balkan Profile: Yugoslavia
Balkan Profile: Serbia
Balkan Profile: Montenegro
Balkan Profile: Macedonia
The Euro, European Economic Community (EEC) Strategy and European Financial Centres Directory
Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment, Provisions in the Constitution that are Relevant to Impeachment and Past Impeachment Inquiries
Understanding How Glass-Steagall Act Impacts Investment Banking and the Role of Commercial Banks
Discretionary Spending and the Budget Agreement of '97
Foreign Money Flowing into U.S. Markets
U.S. Builds Trade With Africa
NYSE's Conversion to the Decimal System
Oil Producers Face Environmental Crackdown
Closing the Information Gap: Toronto Conference, June '97
Large Consumer Debt is Really Benign
New Loan Guarantee Plan for Businesses Hurt by NAFTA
The '97 Tax Agreement: Saving From the New Rates
New Regulations for Credit Reports
Acquisitions of this Era are Mostly to Secure Human Talent
Global Warming Debate in President Clinton's White House Begins to Heat Up



A Life of Bayard Rustin
Early Days of Antarctic Exploration
Historical Recap on Berlin Architecture
Shakespeare and the Romantic Tradition
Schubert & Co.
Writer May Sarton's Later Appeal
Frederick Taylor, Early Century Management Consultant
Evangelical Faith in the 18th Century South
University Sociologist Edward Shills
Bill James on Baseball Managers
CIA vs KGB in Post War Berlin
Human's Innate Capacity to Manipulate Mathematical Symbols
The Third Reich Setback at Stalingrad