The United States Postal Service has set up an automated telephone system to provide recorded messages for its most frequently needed information. The local PAL number is available from your local post office or you may use the number for Manhattan, (212) 330-4000, or Los Angeles, (213) 587-6142. The recorded instructions will tell the caller when to push the button that correspond with the desired message number. The following are some useful messages:



 Which class of mail should I use?  333
 First Class Mail and Priority Mail rates  323
 Second Class (newspapers and magazines)  336
 Third Class and Bulk Business Mail 322 
 Fourth Class Parcel Post rates (packages)  122
 Express Mail - P.O. to Addressee - up to 5 lb.  154
 Express Mail - P.O. to P.O. - up to 5 lb.  354
 Express Mail Same-Day Airport Svc. - up to 5 lb.  302
 Rates for First-Class surface mail  319
 Air Mail rates and information  134
 Express Mail International Service  318
 Parcel Post rates and information  317
 Customs  308
 Special services available  142
 International Reply Coupons  302
 Which mail option should I select?  310
 Special services available for packages  143
 Removing your name from mailing lists  140
 Mailroom security (business)  303
 Postage meter security (business)  151
 Self-service postal centers  321
 Express Mail Next-Day Service  332
 Express Mail Same-Day Airport Service  110
 Where to deposit Express Mail items  138