Whatever your independent film production or multimedia needs, it is more than likely that cameras have been there and recorded it, and stock footage houses are ready to license the material to you. While some footage houses maintain a wide range of material, many focus on specific genres, such as aerial shots, scenics, time-lapse, animals, transportation, unusual scenes and people at work, at play, and at home in contemporary as well as older settings. You can license footage from news, historic events, movies, television programming, professional sporting events, and concerts. Animation and special effects collections are available for license too.
As your search begins, make a complete list of clips you need. Most footage providers inventory their collections thoroughly. Once you have a list prepared, you can query stock houses via the Web, phone, fax, or post. The Web has changed the traditional search process since many companies have a search index of their collection available on their sites, and maybe demo clips as well. Make sure to check out www.footage.net, a Web site dedicated to stock footage issues. The site includes a list of stock providers as well as rights clearance agencies.
Abamedia's Archive Media Project
Box 125
Fort Worth, TX 76101
voice: 817.336.0777 fax: 817.338.0858
Black and white film/video footage: International film and photo licensing of Russian State Film and Photo Archive. Footage dating from Tsar's coronation in 1896, of official documentary archive of former Soviet Union with 190,000 reels of film. All aspects of Russian history.
Formats: Original film footage transferable onto BetaSP or S-VHS.
Licensing: License fee per usage.
Cost: Based on usage and audience.
Target market: Documentary
ABC News VideoSource
125 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10023
voice: 800.789.1250, 212.456.5426
fax: 212.456.5428
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Archive shots for ABC World News Tonight, Worldwide Television News, British Movietone News
Formats: Beta, BetaSP, 3/4-inch, 16mm.
Licensing: Per-second basis.
Cost: Varies according to markets cleared.
Target market Documentary producers, corporate TV, multimedia developers, educational.
Action Sports Adventure
4926 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
voice: 212.721.2800
fax: 212.721.0191
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Sports footage library and specialty sports production company featuring 15,000 hours of sports, action,, and adventure footage.
Formats: Varies with footage.
Licensing: Depends on usage.
Cost: Depends on usage.
Target market: Commercial, multimedia, documentary, broadcast, corporate.
Action Sports-Scott Dittrich Films
Box 301
Malibu, CA 90265
voice: 310.459.2526
fax: 310.456.1743
Color film/video: Sports, nature, animals, world locations.
Formats: All formats.
Licensing: varies.
Cost: Per-use basis.
Target market: Commercial, feature film, industrial.
Adventure Productions
4750 Townside Road
Reno, NV 89511
voice: 702.689.5123
fax: 702.849.9672
Color film/video footage, animation: Hang gliding and paragliding. Specialty in POV
Formats: Hi8, BetaSP, S-VHS, digitized formats on CD-ROM.
Licensing: Depends on usage.
Cost: Depends on usage.
Target market: Extreme sports.
Aerial Focus
8 Camino Verde
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
voice: 805.962.9911
fax: 805.962.9536
Color film/video footage: Extreme aerial sports including skysurfing, skydiving, base jumping, hang gliding, wing walking, clouds, and groundrush POV
Formats: Digital BSP, BetaSP, 3/4-inch, DVCAM.
Licensing: Per use basis - some agreements may require royalties.
Cost: Varies.
Target market: Commercial, nonbroadcast, feature films, trade shows.
AirBoss Stock Library
330A Distillery Commons
Louisville, KY 40206
voice: 502.587.9774
fax: 502.587.9773
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Military and aviation footage, including hardware, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm/Shield, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, NASA, personalities, ships, tanks, helicopters, jets, missiles, rockets.
Formats: BetaSP
Licensing: One-time usage for life of product.
Cost Research fees apply. Price per use basis.
Target market CD-ROM developers, industrial/prime time producers, major motion pictures.
Airline Film and TV Promotions
13246 Weidner Street
Pacoima, CA 91331
voice: 818.899.1151
fax: 818.896.5928
Color film: Commercial jet airplanes in Right, landings, and takeoffs. Also, limited number of establishing scenes of various cities, including New York, Paris, London, and Rome.
Formats: 35mm film.
Licensing: Buyout.
Cost: $50 per foot (10 ft. minimum per shot).
Target market: Feature motion pictures and TV shows.
Alaska Stock Footage Library
7100 Homer Drive
Anchorage, AK 99518
voice: 907.349.8002
fax: 907.349.2208
Video footage: Alaskan imagery, wildlife, industry, scenics, history, geology, Native Americans, eagles, whales, birds, bears, marine mammals, glaciers, mountains, landscapes.
Formats: NTSC, PAC, QuickTime, MPEG, JPEG. Available on BetaSP, CD-ROM, FTP.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Call for quote.
America By Air
154 Euclid Boulevard
Lantana, FL 33462
voice: 800.488.6359
fax: 413.235.1462
America By Air® is a leading " Around the World" Stock Library with Aerials, Nature and World Footage . Not limited to its huge aerial collections such as Cities By Airô, South America By Air ô, Europe by Airô, Hawaii By Airô, Alaska By Airô and Landscapes By Airô the library prides itself on providing stunning, original imagery in diverse categories
featuring the following topics: Aerials, Time-lapse, Natural Scenics, Cities, Agriculture, Architecture, World Locations & culture, Aircraft, Clouds Underwater, People and Lifestyle, Sports, Business, Industry and Americana. Contemporary images of Japan, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Israel, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Portugal and most European cities. Clients from around the world have chosen America By Air for its excellent footage, competitive rates and fast, personal services.
Formats: 70 mm, 35 mm, High Definition, all digital formats
Licensing: by; the cut, project and royalty free
Cost: according to length, use, term, territory
Target Market: Corporate, Commercials, Museums, Episodic TV, Motion
Pictures and interactive media
American Playback Images
357 E. Providence, Suite G
Burbank, CA 91502
voice: 818.954.9870
fax: 818.955.5112
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Variety-giant monsters, cartoons, time lapse, archival, business and industry, transportation, lifestyle.
Formats: Master footage available on all video formats.
Licensing: Per second, per project, or buyout.
Cost: Per use (10-second minimum).
Target market: Corporate/nonbroadcast, multimedia.
Archer-Telecine Stock Film Libraries
Box 8426
Universal City, CA 91618
voice: 818.889.8246
fax: 818.889.5605
Color film/video footage: Worldwide establishing shots, cityscapes and traffic, 1957 to 1997. Commercial jets and airports, trains, cruise ships, harbors, tropical and mountain resorts, fall colors, suns, moons, sunsets, sunrises, time lapse clouds, archival skiing and surfing, beaches.
Formats: 35mm original negative, 3/4-inch, VHS, S-VHS, Beta, Hi-8. Licensing: Unlimited license worldwide forever.
Cost: Multimedia use - $25 per second, 10-second minimum, $500 minimum per production.
Target market Notional commercial, TV series, feature films.
Archive Films
530 W. 25th Street
New York, NY 10001-5516
voice: 800.536.9585
fax: 212.645.2137
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: More than 14,000 hours of footage, including newsreels, silent films, feature films, documentaries, educational and industrial trims, special collections. (Photo collection as well.)
Formats: All formats.
Licensing: Determined by usage.
Cost: Determined on per use basis.
Target market: Multimedia.
Artbeats Software
2611 Myrtle Road
Myrtle Creek, OR 97457
voice: 541.863.4429
fax: 541.863.4547
Color film/video footage: ReelFire 1 & 2: 32 pyrotechnic clips in QuickTime and Targa, From tiny matches to giant fireballs. ReelExplosions 1 & 2: 34 clips of explosions, shockwaves, and ground explosions. Film Clutter: 71 clips of film imperfections including scratches, light leaks, dust, grain, end burns, grunge, leaders, and countdowns. ReelTextures: 40 animated backgrounds, seamless for looping. Other still image texture collections available.
Formats: QuickTime, Targa. Available on CD-ROM.
Licensing: Royalty free.
Cost: Varies.
Target market: Graphic designers, animators.
BBC Library Sales
3500 West Olive Avenue, Suite 110
Burbank, CA 91505
voice: 800.966.5424, 818.840.9770
fax: 818.840.9781
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: BBC Broadcast Archives: the premier collection from BBC programs. BBC StockVisions: Natural history and locations. BBC News Archive: International news since 1954. American newsreel collection (1929 1967), special collections, and radio and sound archives.
Formats: Client's choice.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Varies according to archive source, media format, and terms.
Target market: All media.
Beyond Vision
109 Reserve Rd
New South Wales 2064
Voice: +61 2 9437 2000
Fax: + 61 2 9439 9230
As the footage sales arm of prominent film and television producer and distributor, Beyond International, Beyond Vision is in a unique position to supply a broad range of footage products from its expanding collection. Specialising in royalty free shots, themed packages, rights protected footage, film research and rights clearances.
Formats: SP Beta, Digi Beta, 1 inch, CD-Rom etc.
Licensing: royalty free and Licence Fee per usage.
Cost: varies on on usage and type of licence.
Target Market: television, advertising, corporate video, multimedia, on-line, educational video.
Breeze International
1623 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10128
voice: 212.534.4342
fax: 212.348.1239
Color film/video footage, block and white film/video footage, animation: More than 120,000 Russian films and videos in the areas of history, art, science, politics, nature, entertainment, ecology, and aerospace. Educational films, animation, children's films, sports, cultural events, newsreels. Covers the time period from Czarist days to the breakup of the Soviet Empire.
Formats: D1, Beta, BetaSP, VHS. Can be digitized per request.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Varies.
Target market: All markets.
Broadcast Quality
2334 Ponce de Leon Boulevard Suite 200
Coral Gables, FL 53134
voice: 305.461.5416
fax: 305.446.7746
bqi@ix. netcom.com
Color video footage, black and white video footage: Industry including manufacturing, aviation, medical, wildlife, agriculture, marine, underwater, and travel.
Formats: BetaSP, Digital Betacam.
Licensing: Varies.
Cost: Per use basis, ranges from $25 to $50 per second.
Target market Video producers, anyone who needs stock footage.
Cable Films & Video
Country Club Station, 7171
Kansas City, MO 64113
voice: 913.362.2804
fax: 913.341.7365
Color film/video footage, black and while film/video footage, animation: Classic films, U.S. and foreign, vintage 1915 to 1955. Categories include western chase scenes, silent footage, slapstick, musicals, comedy, romance, campy short subjects, horror, sci-fi, Saturday afternoon serials, Chaplin, Keaton, Hitchcock, John Wayne, Sherlock Holmes. Wide range of cartoons and shorts, animated material.
Formats: CD-ROM, BetaSP, one inch, S-VHS, DVD, 16mm, NTSC, SECAM, PAL.
Licensing: Negotiable in most instances with time use limitations and territory involved.
Cost: From $20 to $80 per second. target market Commercials, advertising agencies, educational, documentary, TV, corporate, CD-ROM, motion pictures.
Cameo Film Library
10760 Burbank Boulevard
N. Hollywood, CA 91601
voice: 818.980.8700
fax: 818.980.7113
Color film/video footage: 35mm images from features and TV. Outtakes from Tri Star, Columbia, Castlerock, NBC, Viacom, Hearst, and more.
Formats: 35mm, VHS.
Licensing: Depends on usage Cost: Depends on usage.
Target market: TV series, commercials, features, cable.
Carter Productions
Box 3537
Boulder, CO 80303
voice: 303.499.9430
fax: 303.499.6130
Color film/video footage: North American wildlife, Rocky Mountain scenes, cityscapes, people, animals.
Formats: Digital Betacam, D2.
Licensing: Varies, some limits apply.
Cost: Varies, per-use basis.
Target market: Film, video producers.
Chisholm Archives
99 Atlantic Avenue, Suite
50 Toronto, ON M6K3JB
voice: 416.588.5200
fax: 416.588.5324
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage From 1896 to present day, collections include Marshall McLuhan - speeches, interviews; Millenium "Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World" - 10-part TV series on tribes around the world; New Travelogue - covering 110 countries.
Formats: 35mm, 16mm, 1 -inch, 3/4 inch, Betacam, BetaSP, S-VHS.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Varies according to use and market. Discounts on quantity footage.
1350 Los Angeles Avenue, 3rd Floor
Simi Valley, CA 93065
voice: 805.527.0093
fax: 805.527.0305
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Time-lapse, real time, cities, people, clouds, suns, moons, Rowers, scenics, nature, animals, medical, tropical, and vintage.
Formats: D1, D2, Digital Beta, BetaSP, 1-inch, 3/4-inch, VHS, online (limited). Limited selection available in 320x240 resolution.
Licensing: Negotiated on a per job basis.
Cost: Depends on usage and quantity.
Target market: Advertising agencies, corporate, TV, multimedia.
Box 16784
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
voice: 800.800.2547, 310.274.0239
fax: 310.271.6953
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Archival and contemporary: archival includes newsreels, features, short subjects, slapstick, industrial, and educational. Contemporary includes wildlife, action sports, scenics, cities, underwater, and nature.
Licensing: Varies according to use.
Cost: Varies according to use.
Target market: All markets.
CNRS Audiovisual
1, Place Aristide Briand
92195 Meudon Cedex
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Scientific subjects in fields including ethnology, musicology, biology, and physics.
Formats: BetaSP
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Varies.
Target market: Audiovisual companies and television.
Coe Film Associates
65 E. 96th Street
New York, NY 10128
voice: 212.831.5355
fax: 212.996.6728
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: More than 2,100 titles including abstract, handicapped, horror, safety, math, New York, careers, holidays, comedy, Americana, fairy tales, French, religion, science fiction, sports, and U.S. geography.
Formats: Depends on clip.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Depends on clip and quantity purchased.
Target market: Electronic transmission of all sorts.
Compro Productions
2080 Peachtree Ind. Court, Suite 114
Atlanta, GA 30341
voice: 770.455.1943
fax: 770.455.3356
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Travel and leisure footage from around the world, monuments and recognizable architecture, people in contemporary and traditional clothing, nature and animal footage.
Formats: Film, NTSC, BetaSP, D1, and 1-inch.
Licensing: No buyouts. Limits on what user can do with product.
Cost: $25 per second for video; $50 per second for film.
Conservation International
2501 M Street NW, Suite 200
Washington D.C. 20037
voice: 202.429.5660
fax: 202.331.9328
Color film/video footage: Beauty shots of nature, environmental destruction, conservation projects, indigenous people.
Formats: BetaSP, VHS.
Licensing: Varies.
Cost: From $20 to $50 per second. Minimum of five seconds per shot. Research fee waived if license above $1,000.
Target market: TV producers, museums.
Creative Arts Television
Box 739
Kent, CT 06757
voice: 860.868.1771
fax: 860.868.9999
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Archive covers performance and fine arts from 1950 to 1980, including theatre, dance, music, cinema, photography, and early shots of actors.
Formats: Material provided on video.
Cost: $20 to $40 per second.
Target market: Commercial film makers, broadcast television programming.
Larry Dorn Associates
5820 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 306
Los Angeles, CA 90036
voice: 213.935.6266
fax: 213.935.9523
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: World backgrounds, cities, landscapes, military, aircraft/jets, landmarks, wars, special effects, underwater, seascapes. Formats: 35mm, Beta, VHS, 3/4 inch, 1-inch.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Flat fees per scene, feet vs. seconds.
Target market Commercial, theatrical, industrial.
Earth Flight Productions
Box 158
Poughquag, NY 12570
voice: 914.724.3042
fax: 914.724.3739
Color film, animation: Scenic, wideangle aerials all over North America and the Caribbean. Clouds, low light, national parks, beaches, mountains. Space animation, aviation-related graphics and logos.
Formats: Aerials are 16mm and 35mm film masters transferred to BetaSP and D2. Film, VHS, BetaSP, CD-ROM.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Depends on territory and license.
Target market: National TV, feature films, corporate, music video, Web sites.
Encounter Video
14825 NW Ash Street
Portland, OR 97231
voice: 503.285.8974
fax: 503.285.3726
Color film/video footage: National park scenics, wildlife, time-lapse, Egypt, Kenya, Himalayas, Cook Islands, Easter Island, Paris, Columbia River Gorge, California coast, Oregon coast
Formats:16mm, BetaSP, DigiBeta.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Range of fees.
Target market: Commercials, industrials, broadcast
Energy Film Library
12700 Ventura Boulevard, 4th Flr.
Studio City, CA 91604
voice: 800.462.4379, 818.508.1444
fax: 818.508. 1293
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Large variety, including aerials, timelapse, cities, nature, sports, fashion, slow-motion, high-speed, computer generated effects.
Formats: AVI, QuickTime, OMF, AVR5, AVR77, sizes up to 640x480, 24 bit. Also 16mm and 35mm, VHS, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, D1, D2, Beta, BetaSP, PAL, MPEG.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Per use.
Target market: Content users, producers.
Estuary Press
408 13th Street, Suite 279
Oakland, CA 94612
voice: 510.763.8204
fax: 510.763.8204
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Documentary footage of West Coast anti-war movements 1958 to 1972; Civil Rights activities, Bay Area and Mississippi; California farm workers, forestry.
Formats: VHS, 16mm.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Per use.
Target market: Film, video producers.
Film and Video Stock Shots
10442 Burbank Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91601-2217
voice: 818.760.2098
fax: 818.760.3294
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Sports, slapstick, manufacturing, nature, cartoons, microscopy, worldwide locations, aerials, underwater, medical, space, extreme sports, lifestyles.
Formats: BetaSP, Digital Betacam, D2, D1, 1-inch, 3/4-inch, S-VHS, Hi8.
Licensing: Per project.
Cost: Varies, around $45 per second.
Target market: Worldwide.
F.I.L.M. Archives
432 Park Avenue S., Suite 1314
New York, NY 10016
voice: 212.696.2616
fax: 212.696.0021
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Vintage and contemporary film and video (1890 to 1990s) includes archival footage such as silents, shorts, features, cartoons, WWI and WWII, travel. Contemporary footage includes news, stunts, beauty shots, nature.
Formats: 16mm, 3/4-inch, VHS, SVHS, BetaSP
Licensing: Royalty free based on number and length of shots chosen.
Cost: Negotiable. Based on market and amount used.
Target market: TV commercials, broadcast programs, non-broadcast.
Film Bank
425 S. Victory Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91502
voice: 818.841.9176
fax: 818.567.4235
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Science, sports, space, special effects, landscapes, world and local news, medical, agriculture, animals, timelapse scenics, world locations.
Formats: All film and video formats.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Per second rate based on usage.
Target market: All forms of media, multimedia, and entertainment.
Fish Films Footage World
4548 Van Noord Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604
voice: 818.905.1071
fax: 818.905.0301
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Archival and contemporary footage, including classic comedies, '50s, '60s, nature, special effects, extreme sports, time-lapse, aerial, travel.
Formats: All film and video formats.
Licensing: Per intended use. Limited to specific use.
Cost: Prices quoted per intended use.
Target market: Broadcast, advertising agencies, TV, non-broadcast
Forbes Company
10235 S. 51st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85044
voice: 602.496.6800
fax: 602.496.4525
Color film/video footage: Arizona scenics, New York City, Mexico City, construction, recreation, retail, sunrise, sunset, transportation, natural scenic, Rockefeller Center.
Formats: 16mm, BetaSP, MPEG (320x240, 24-bit), CD-ROM.
Licensing: Varies.
Cost: Range of fees
Fotosearch Stock Photos and Footage
21155 Watertown Road
Waukesha, WI 53186
voice: 262-717-0740 800-827-3920
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Variety of subjects including Atomosphere, Action, Animals, Backdrops, Explosions, History, Industry, Lifestyle, Military, Nature, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, and more.
Formats: MOV, PNG.
Licensing: Royalty Free.
Cost: Varies.
Target Market: Advertising, Animators, Broadcasting, Corporate Video, Educational Video, Graphic Designers, Multimedia, On-Line, and more.
Four Palms
11260 Roger Bacon Drive, 5th Flr.
Reston, VA 20190
voice: 800.747.2567
fax: 703.834.0219
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: People, occupations, professions, aviation, bridges, highways, marine, rail, relationships, sports.
Formats: AVI, QuickTime, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Intel Raw, VHS, S-VHS, BetaSP, Digital Betacam, Hi-8. Available individually and in collection on CD-ROM, online, and video.
Licensing: Perpetual term royalty free.
Cost: Range of fees. Buyout collection available.
Al Giddings Images
75 Bridger Hollow Road
Pray, MT 59065
voice: 406.333.4300
fax: 406.333.4308
Color film/video footage: Ocean-related and natural history images.
Format: Preview tapes available on 3/4-inch or VHS, mastered material available on any format required.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Negotiable per project.
Target Market Feature films, documentaries, commercials, CD-ROM.
Global Village Stock Footage
Box 1818
Sebastopol, CA 95472
voice: 800.798.3463
fax: 707.829.9542
Color film/video footage: U.S., Asia, Caribbean, South Pacific, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, The Holy Lands, Africa, aerials, animals, anthropology, art, architecture, beauty shots, crash, cultural customs, environment, establishing shots, food, geography, geology, historical sights, industry, music) people, sports and recreation, technology, underwater, wildlife, time-lapse.
Formats: BetaSP
Licensing: Varies.
Cost: $ 15 to $30 per second.
Target market: Multimedia, industrial, commercial, broadcast.
Hardy Jones/Julia Whitty Productions
1252 B Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
voice: 707.769.0708
fax: 707.762.0874
Color film/video footage: Wildlife, especially dolphins and whales.
Formats: Digital Betacam.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: $25 to $50 per second.
Target market: TV.
Historic Films
12 Goodfriend Drive
E. Hampton, NY 11937
voice: 800.249.1940
fax: 516.329.9260
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Historical and contemporary images from 1895 to 1997. Industrials, beauty shots, oddities, classic TV variety shows and commercials, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Steve Allen Show, Associated Press TV, Pathe News, Fox Movietone News, rock and roll, jazz, blues, country, rhythm and blues.
Formats: 35mm and 16mm, 1-inch 3/4-inch, BetaSP, VHS, CD-ROM, Laser disc.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Prices range according to rights required.
Target market: TV commercials, TV, documentaries, feature films, museums and galleries, corporate, educational, libraries.
Hot Shots Cool Cuts
1926 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
voice: 212.799.9100
fax: 212.799.9258
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Contemporary and archival images. Contemporary collection includes international locations, lifestyle, industry, scenics, and wildlife. Archival includes vintage newsreels, Hollywood features, educational films, early television, music, and industrials, including the Smithsonian, Killiam, and Pan Am Collections.
Formats: Varies with footage.
Licensing: Based on client requirements. No buyouts.
Cost: Depends on usage.
Target market: Commercial, documentary, broadcast, corporate, multimedia.
International Historic Films
3533 S. Archer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60609
voice: 773.927.9091
fax: 773.927.9211
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Military, political, and social history of the 20th Century including Berlin Olympics, Nazi Germany, Rommel's funeral, fall of Berlin, Gorbachev in Lithuania 1990, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Angela Davis, Huey Newton, John F. Kennedy, Vietnam War, Falklands War, Soviet space exploration, Philippine campaigns, Iwo Jima.
Formats: All video formats.
Licensing: Licensed by the second with a minimum of 10 seconds per shot. Cost: Varies according to market served. Prices may be negotiable on volume orders.
Target market: Commercials, promos, advertising, multimedia, educational, home video, corporate, TV.
International Media Services
Box 262
S. Plainfield, NJ 07080
voice: 908.756.4060
fax: 908.756.4060
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: East Africa, wildlife, classical music, environmental, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, European, ships, wilderness, Newfound land, Quebec, Atlantic City, prisons.
Formats: 35mm, 16mm, BetaSP, 3/4-inch, Hi-8, U-matic, VHS.
Licensing: One time, non-exclusive rights, all rights reserved. Negotiable. Licensed by the foot or the second with a 10-second minimum per shot or per cut of that shot.
Cost: Varies.
Target market: Broadcast, educational, documentary, commercial.
Jalbert Productions/Calico Animation
775 Park Avenue
Huntington, NY 11741
voice: 516.351.5878
fax: 516.351.5875
Color film/video footage, animation: Sports action footage including skiing, ski racing, bob, luge, cross country, snowshoe, powder, cliff jumping, snowboarding, elite competition of all sports at the world-class level. mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing.
Formats: AVI QuickTime, BetaSP, D2, (all video formats)
Licensing: Normally negotiate buyout for unlimited worldwide usage.
Cost: Per use and Rat fee buyout.
Target market: TV producers, advertising, industrials, promos, image videos, sports TV shows.
Leonard Rue Video Productions
138 Millbrook Road
Blairstown, NJ 07825
voice: 908.362.6616
fax: 908.362.5808
Video footage: Wildlife and nature, most North American species, many African and Galapagos wildlife portraits, behavior, life history, close-ups, native people, reptiles, birds, insects, plants.
Formats: BetaSP
Licensing: varies.
Cost: Varies.
Target market: Advertising, home video, broadcast.
Library of Moving Images
6671 Sunset Boulevard
Bungalow 1581
Hollywood, CA 90028
voice: 213.469.7499
fax: 213.469.7559
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Rare and classic films, features, slapstick, comedy, cartoons, newsreels, industrials, behind the scenes in Hollywood, premieres, home movies, world figures.
Format: 3/4-inch, Beta, D2.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Per use basis.
Liquid Images
5919 Ridgewood Road
Knoxville, TN 37918
voice: 423.687.8094
fax: 423.281.9068
Video footage: Underwater video from the world's oceans: Truk, Palou, Fiji, Papau New Guinea, Australia, Cocos island, Soloman Islands, Belize, Bahamas. Sharks, rays, medium and small creatures.
Formats: BetaSP
Licensing: Sold only as non-exclusive rights.
Cost: Per use.
Target market: Nature programs and CD-ROMs, advertising.
Los Angeles News Service
626 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 262
Santa Monica, CA 90401
voice: 310.399.6460
fax: 310.399.7541
Color film/video footage: Aerial scenics, news, pursuits, fires, police action, weather.
Formats: Digital Betacam, BetaSP, Umatic, VHS.
Licensing: Varies.
Cost: Per use basis.
Target market Theatrical, commercial, TV.
34 Bobsled Drive
Needham, MA 02194
voice: 800.633.7332
fax: 800.633.7332
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Nature, technology, civilization from all decades of the 20th Century, contemporary action, sports, high tech, Americana.
Formats: VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8, BetaSP, DV
Licensing: Royalty free for training and promotional productions. Consumer and retail products require additional licensing and fees. Clips available individually and in collections.
Cost: varies.
Merkel Films
Box 2247
Santa Barbara, CA 93120
voice: 805.882.1904
fax: 805.882.9104
Color film/video footage: Underwater, fall colors, action sports, ocean waves, world landmarks, tropical images, winter scenics, wildlife, lifestyle, exotic locations.
Formats: All.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Range of fees.
Target market: Commercials, TV programs, corporate.
Military-Combat Stock Footage Library
Box 399
Union, WA 98592
voice: 360.898.8080
fax: 360.898.8081
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: More than 1,400 master videotapes featuring conflicts and wars of the 20th Century.
Formats: All video formats.
Licensing: Varies.
Cost: $25 per second.
Target market: Aerospace, TV commercials, film/TV producers.
Box 438
Orland Park, IL 60462
voice: 708.460.9082
fax: 708.460.9099
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: TV programs, historical footage, features, cartoons, celebrity clips, Americana.
Formats: All video formats.
Licensing: Depends on project.
Cost: Depends on project.
Target market: Anyone using archival footage
National Archives and Records Administration
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001
voice: 301.71 3.7060
fax: 301.71 3.6905
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Repository for non-current records of the Federal government.
Formats: All.
Licensing: Inquire-most material is public domain, some is restricted. Cost: Varies.
New and Unique Videos
7323 Rondel Court
San Diego, CA 92119
voice: 619.644.3000
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Contemporary and archival scenics, wildlife, sports, and adventure. People and their environments, sunrises, sunsets, mountain scenics, waterfalls, forests, aerial, underwater.
Formats: BetaSP, VHS. Can be transferred to any format needed.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Per use, usually $25 per second or less.
Target market: Worldwide.
Oddball Film and Video
275 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
voice: 41 5.558.8112
fax: 415.558.8116
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Wacky offbeat footage, eclectic, classic archival, historical, contemporary.
Formats: BetaSP, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, D2, S-VHS.
Licensing: Negotiable depending on project.
Cost: Varies for use and end product. Volume discounts available.
Target market: Broadcast, non-broadcast, commercial, films, multimedia, industrial, educational.
Opper Sports TV
225 S. Granados Avenue
Solana Beach, CA 92075
voice: 619.481.7283
fax: 619.481.4189
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Surfing from the early 1900s to present, extreme sports, exotic travel, beaches, America's Cup, heavyweight boxing, skiing, empty waves, sunsets, empty beaches, mountains.
Formats: BetaSP.
Licensing: All materials licensed for specific use. Negotiable.
Cost: $25 to $100 per second.
Target market: Global use.
Pan American Video
4569 Mission Gorge Place
San Diego, CA 92120
voice: 619.281.8870
fax: 619.281.8913
Color video footage, black and white video footage, animation: Public do main feature films, documentaries, cartoons, TV programs.
Formats: Any analog video format.
Licensing: No limitations.
Cost: Flat fee.
Paramount Pictures Stock Footage Library
5555 Melrose Avenue
Wallis #108
Los Angeles, CA 90038
voice: 888.264.9009
fax: 888.264.9011
Color film, black and white film, stills: Outtakes and second-unit photographs from Paramount Productions. Generic stock footage without recognizable characters: Cities, aerials, scenics, moving point of view, process, stills, explosions, animals, buildings, aviation.
Formats: 35mm and whatever is requested.
Licensing: Worldwide perpetuity.
Cost: Varies.
Target market: Film and video productions, commercials, advertising agencies.
Political Communication Center/Political Commercial Archive
University of Oklahoma
610 Elm Avenue
Norman, OK 73019
voice: 405.325.3114
fax: 405.325.1566
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Radio and television spots from all levels of political campaigns including international.
Formats: VHS, 3/4-inch, U-matic, Beta.
Licensing: Varies.
Cost: varies.
Target market: Broadcast outlets and private producers.
Prairie Pictures' Stormstock
Box 122020
Arlington, TX 76012
voice: 817.276.9500
fax: 817.795.1132
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, large hail, flash floods, and other storm images.
Formats: Variety of film and video formats.
Licensing: Non-exclusive licensing only.
Cost: Per second.
Target market: Commercials, TV programs, music videos, CD-ROM, corporate.
Producers Library Service
1051 N Cole Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038
voice: 213.465.0572
fax: 213.465.1671
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Hollywood history, theatrical trailers, behind the scenes, Americana.
Formats: All tape formats Footage available in 16mm and 35mm formats as well
Licensing: Depends on usage.
Cost: Varies.
Target market: Advertising, commercial, and public broadcast.
Radio Yesteryear and Video Yesteryear
Box C
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
voice: 800.243.0987
fax: 203.797.0819
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation, radio sound: News, documentaries, silents, features, cartoons, vintage TV.
Formats: All.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Varies.
Real Action Pictures
707 - 15th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R ORB
voice: 403.244.7000
fax: 403.245.0511
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Action sports images including snowboarding, skiing, surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking, avalanches, scenics, stop-action clouds, mountains.
Formats: Betacam submasters, 16mm, Super8.
Licensing: Negotiable on length of use.
Cost: Per second.
Target market: TV, commercials.
810 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA 93940
voice: 408.649.5152
fax: 408.649.1380
Video footage: Nature and wildlife on tend and underwater, including the South Pacific, Mt. St Helens, Monterey Bay - scenics, animals, macro, time-lapse.
Formats: BetaSP
Licensing: Per use basis.
Cost: Varies, per use basis.
Second Line Search
1926 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
voice: 212.787.7500
fax: 212.787.7636
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation: Digital and archival animation, lifestyle, newsreels, feature films, wildlife.
Formats: Depends on footage and format required by client.
Licensing: Each licensing term is negotiated depending on client needs. No buyouts.
Cost: Depends on footage and usage.
Target market: Commercials, multimedia, broadcast, corporate.
SET Productions
14709 Valley Vista Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
voice: 818.788.5501
fax: 818.788.5501
Video footage, animation: The Holy Land Stock Footage Library-Israel footage including archaeology, holy sites, biblical scenes, nature, aerials, news.
Formats: BetaSP.
Licensing: In perpetuity for the life of the specific project.
Cost: Price based on a minimum charge versus a per second charge, whichever is greater.
SF.V International
11219 Bloomington Drive
Tampa, FL 33635
voice: 813.884.5963
fax: 813.888.6713
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: More than 5 million images, in current and archival categories.
Formats: All film and video formats.
Licensing: Varies per project.
Cost: Varies per project.
Target market: Any and all.
The Source Stock Footage Library
738 N. Constitution Drive
Tucson, AZ 85748
voice: 520.298.4810
fax: 520.290.8831
Color film/video footage: Time-lapse, destinations, extreme sports, business, multicultural, archival.
Formats: 35mm, 16mm, and video originals provided on BetaSP, Digital Betacam, D1, D2.
Licensing: Depends on length of license, usage, total number of uses.
Cost: $20 to $50 per second.
Target market: Commercial, corporate communications, educational, and CD-ROM productions.
Sports' Cinematography Group
73 Market Street
Venice, CA 90291
voice: 310.785.9100
fax: 310.396.7423
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Extreme sports, skysurfing, skydiving, summer and winter mountain sports, water sports, motor racing, base jumping, male and female boxing, baseball, recreational sports, underwater, nature, wildlife, U.S. and foreign cityscapes, tropical images, sunsets, waves, BMX and mountain bikes.
Formats: 1-inch, D1, D2, BetaSP.
Licensing: Varies. Mast talent is cleared.
Cost: Based on use and quantity.
Stock Up
7026 21 st Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98115
voice: 206.522.5497
fax: 206.729.0488
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Aerials, animals, archival, Americana, lifestyles, weather, landscapes, national parks, Pacific Northwest, sports, adventure, American Southwest, international, time lapse, transportation.
Formats: D2, D1, Digital Betacam, BetaSP, 1-inch, 3/4-inch, S-VHS, VHS.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Per use basis.
Target market: Northwest and nation- al producers.
Stock Footage Connection
5254 W. Agatite Avenue
Chicago, IL 60630
voice: 773.794.1125
fax: 773.794.1178
Color film, black and white film: Archival footage includes America from 1900 to the 1970s, industrial travel, wildlife, historical figures, war footage, early TV.
Formats: BetaSP, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, S-VHS, and VHS.
Licensing: Varies.
Cost: Per use basis, $40 per second (broadcast), $25 per second (non broadcast).
Target market: Audio/visual producers, advertising agencies.
Stock Footage Cooperative
321 Center Street
S. Easton, MA 02375
voice: 800.745.7088
fax: 508.238.0799
www. stockfootagecoop. com
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage, animation Airplanes, Bay of Pigs, clouds, Cold War, fire, gambling, KKK, military, New York City, ocean, skyscrapers, space, sports, travel, wildlife, WWIL Formats: BetaSP, DV, 3/4-inch, S-VHS, VHS.
Licensing: Worldwide in perpetuity, all media, single project.
Cost: $15 per second.
Target market: Broadcast, cable, advertising, Web.
Stock Video
1029 Chestnut Street
Newton, MA 02164
voice: 61 7.332.9975
fax: 617.332.9962
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Contemporary images including business, medical, scenics, cityscapes, lifestyles, sports, and wildlife. Archival footage includes early 1900s. New England images both aerial and land.
Formats: Digital Beta, BetaSP, Beta, 1-inch, 3/4-inch.
Licensing: Per use arrangement based on pre-determined rates.
Cost: Per use.
Target market: Commercial, corporate, multimedia, documentary, feature producers.
Surf City Stock Footage
Box 23292
Encinitas, CA 92023
voice: 760.436.0850
fax: 760.436.0850
Color film/video footage, black and white film/video footage: Action ocean cinematography including surfing, waves, and beaches.
Formats: Final element provided on film or video.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost: Per use basis, range of fees.
Target market: Advertising agencies.
Timesteps Productions, Inc.
2 Glenside
West Orange, NJ 07052
voice: 973.669.1930
fax: 973.731.8546
Black and white film/video footage: Historical scenes from 1895 to 1959 from newsreels, industrials, and private collections.
Formats: BetaSP, Digital Beta, VHS, 1-inch.
Licensing: Negotiable.
Cost $30 to $50 per second. Ten second minimum.
Travelview International
10370 Richmond Avenue, Suite 550
Houston, TX 77042
voice: 713.975.7077
Video footage: 10,000 hours of travel footage including natural scenery, terrain, manmade monuments, landscapes, people, cuisine, sports, architecture, nature in Asia, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and the US.
Formats: BetaSP, 3/4-inch, VHS.
Licensing: Varies.
Cost: Range of fees.
Target market: TV producers, CD-ROM producers, advertising agencies.
Tropical Visions Video
62 Halaulani Place
Hilo, HI 96720
voice: 808.935.5557
fax: 808.935.0066
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