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The Music Library Association is the professional organization in the United States devoted to music librarianship and to all aspects of music materials in libraries. Founded in 1931, MLA provides a forum for study and action on issues that affect music libraries and their users. Members can start informal interest groups to exchange information or focus on specific issues. These include:
American Music Organ Music
Archives Research in Music Librarianship
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Black Music Collections Small Academic Music Libraries
Conservatories Social Responsibilities
Contemporary Music Technical Services
Film Music Vendor interest groups for automated library systems
Jazz and Popular Music Video
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Music Libraries

Although original music can add tremendously to any project, quite often time and money constraints often dictate that library music must be used instead. A large and growing number of professional libraries offer a variety of musical styles, sound effects and formats to fit virtually any production. This listing is organized by region and includes such information, when it could be obtained, as the style of the music in the library and the rights available.


AirCraft Production Music Library
162 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
tel: 800-343-2514
tel: 617-303-7600
fax: 617-303-7666
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Eighty-eight CDs featuring specialty packages such as the American Music Series, Rock Sweepers and IDs and Ads Up! Music for Commercials. Special features include Speed Search for 30-second instant auditions; Co-Pilot, which splits tracks for assembly; and Connecting Flights, for identifying selections with similar styles.
Manchester Music Library
Phone: 888-846-3745; 413-369-4331
Fax: 413-369-4303
email: info@manchestermusic>
More than 100 CDs in a range of styles, from classical and orchestral to acid jazz and world beat. The Manchester Music Library is now available in combination packages with the Metro, Production Garden, Music Street and Essential Music libraries, offering a mix of five different sounds. Lease and buyout packages available.
Zedz Music Production Music Library
Phone: 617-324-1989
Fax: 617-397-8863
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Buyout library with three main styles: symphonic, contemporary and high tech. Categories are mixed on CDs. The Web site featuring excerpts.
The Well-Tempered Music Library
Phone: 508-947-7323
Fax: 508-947-7387
Web site:
Seven full-length, 77-minute discs carrying 427 tracks in commercial, classical, character and human-tech styles. Extended beds and alternate mixes and versions included. Designed for corporate, cable and educational applications.

New Hampshire

Fresh Music Library
Phone: 800-545-0688; 603-643-3438
Fax: 603-643-1388
Web site:
A complete spectrum of buyout production music consisting of more than 45 CDs for film, video, multimedia and broadcast. SearchTrack, a searchable multimedia CDROM index with audition versions of every theme, can be found on the Web as a Shockwave movie.

New Jersey

Producer Series
Phone: 800-326-1387; 609-429-7144
Fax: 609-429-1788
Volume 2 features music in contemporary, funk, jazz and classical styles, and 20 sound effects -- a diverse collection for event, corpo- rate and broadcast applications. The volume consists of 10 original scores, each provided in four lengths, from stinger to ballad.

New York

TRF Production Music Libraries
Chestnut Ridge
Phone: 800-899-6874: 914-356-0800
Fax: 914-356-0895
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
More than 50,000 selections of contemporary and traditional music on 4,000 discs. Libraries include Bosworth, MP 2000, Musictrack, Prime Time, Pyramid and Power Sound. Per-use and annual blanket licenses are available. Free catalogs and a music sampler available on request.
Thomas J. Valentino
Phone: 800-223-6278; 914-347-7878
Fax: 914-347-4764
Web site:
A comprehensive catalog of music that covers a wide range of styles, including classical, heavy metal and hip-hop. Free demos are available. Twelve subject-specific music libraries based on the Evergreen Collection are scheduled for release in 1998.
DeWolfe Music Library
New York City
Phone: 800-221-6713; 212-382-0220
Fax: 212-382-0278
Production music and sound effects for corporate, broadcast, cable and interactive media producers. The library contains more than 275 music CDs and 20 sound-effects CDs. DeWolfe will customize a music plan based on a yearly royalty fee or a laser-drop program. A large classical and operatic catalog is also available.
JRT Music, LLC
New York City
Phone: 888-578-6874; 212-253-8908
Fax: 212-353-9317
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Serves all aspects of the production community from Film and TV to Radio and Multimedia Productions with over 140 disks in an expanding library. Offers per cue, annual and blanket licensing as well as offer a 4 CD sound effects library on a buyout basis. Also offers custom scoring to customers from a studio in Paris, France. Music selection has everything from Classical to Rock, Techno, Drum and Bass, Solo Instruments, Orchestral Themes, Jazz, Blues, New Age, Australian, Celtic, Funk.
Manhattan Production Music
New York City
Phone: 800-227-1954
Fax: 212-262-0814
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Four music libraries for corporate, multimedia, broadcast and film applications. The Manhattan Library contains 50 CDs of specialty music. Apple Trax has 30 cutting-edge CDs, ideal for a hip market. Also offered is the 60-CD Grammy-winning Chesky Records Classical Series and six CD Sound Effects Series. The BRg Library offers 64 CDs in four categories -- contemporary, urban, extreme and country.
Metro Music Productions
New York City
Phone: 800-697-7392; 212-229-1700
Fax: 212-229-9063
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contemporary American music with an emphasis on rock and grunge, jazz and acid jazz, dance and blues. Annual blanket, per-production and laser drop licenses are available.
Radical Entertainment
New York City
Phone: 212-302-0555
Fax: 212-730-0923
Features a 20-CD UnderCover Records set with unconventional TV tracks. Genres include drama/ new age, alternative/modern rock, country, classical, children/comedy, dance, jazz, world, urban and achievement.


MusiCrafters Library
Phone: 215-425-8863
MusiCrafters Library contains music produced in a wide variety of musical styles. The albums, all digitally recorded and mastered, contain acoustic and electronic performances. Many cuts are featured in alternate mix-out versions in long cuts and 60- and 30-second versions.


Cathedral Sound Productions
Capitol Heights
Phone: 301-350-3181
Fax: 301-324-3083
Custom scores and edits of library selections in a wide variety of styles, including new age, jazz, rock and industrial. MIDI files can be downloaded, and customized recordings can be ordered from the Web site.

North Carolina

Davenport Music Library
Phone: 800-951-6666; 704-535-4171
Fax: 704-535-4155
Davenport is a royalty-free buyout productionmusic library. Each CD contains 10 long themes and six short edits per theme. Categories include the 12-CD Corporate (musical variety) Series; three-CD Industrial Series; a Contemporary Series; and a Sports/Action Series. Other series are planned. Call for a catalog and demo or to inquire about preview plans.


Waveworks Music Library
Phone: 703-527-1100
Fax: 703-527-1308
Currently in production, the Waveworks Music Library is scheduled for release in the spring. It will feature more than 40 hours of original music in a variety of genres and will include a CD-ROM search engine. Custom music will be available by contract.
MVI Post
Seven Corners
Phone: 703-536-7678
Fax: 703-536-9490
More than 1,200 CDs containing music and sound effects, including music from APM, DeWolfe, Audio Action and Castle.

West Virginia

Sweetsong Productions
Phone: 304-428-7773
Fax: 304-428-7773
Eight CDs containing music for all types of productions, including the Wedding Library, the Holiday Series, the Relaxation Volume and Video Logos.


Boca Raton
Phone: 800-322-7879; 561-995-0331
Fax: 561-995-8434
Approximately 1,500 discs featuring a variety of musical styles and sound effects. Licensing is available on a needle-drop basis or through production blanket and annual licenses. CDs can be reviewed at no charge.
Power House Music Library
Phone: 407-843-5454
Fax: 407-648-8246
Twenty CDs using only live musicians. Styles include jazz, rock, country, classical and contemporary. Available as a buyout or via an annual license. Free demo CD available.


Phone: 404-841-0303
Fax: 404-841-0404
Music supervision for all audiovisual projects. Can locate, recommend and provide any type of music. Complete music-license clearance services are available.
27th Dimension Music and Sound Effects
Phone: 800-634-0091; 770-502-8744
Fax: 770-253-9388
More than 70 CDs of music and sound effects, plus specialty discs with country, rock and industrial music and mixed selections. Also available are sound bites for professional usage. Demo CDs are available.


River City Sound Productions
Phone: 800-755-8729; 901-274-7277
Fax: 901-274-8494
A buyout production-music library. The Broadcast Series CDs feature music in full-song lengths, followed by 60-, 30-, 15- and 10-second edits, in the sports, mellow, corporate/industrial, country, rock, high tech, atmospheric, urban and miscellaneous categories. Each of the Specialty Series CDs offers a specific style of music, including weddings, nature, country, corporate/industrial, mellow, Christmas, sports, orchestral, and solos and duets.
615 Music Productions
Phone: 615-244-6515; 818-846-1615
Fax: 615-242-2455
Serving broadcast and cable-television clients worldwide, 615 Music Productions offers specialty-topic CDs, sports and news-promo beds.


Wink Music/World Sounds
Phone: 847-869-8863
Fax: 847-763-1830
The two-CD World Sounds library contains 140 minutes of international music and sound effects for advertising, corporate communications and new-media productions. Selections include West African music, Scottish bagpipes, Brazilian sambas, Native American flute and Mississippi Delta bottleneck blues. A Latin American CD is planned for 1998.


Signature Music
Phone: 800-888-7151; 219-921-0205
Fax: 219-921-0704
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thirty-four buyout CDs for corporate, educational, medical and government productions, with full-length themes, broadcast edits and musical effects. Real orchestrations, acoustic instruments, plus hot electronics are available and are TuneBuilder-enabled for automatic editing. Buy out individual CDs or get all CDs up front and buyout over four years.
British Audio Designs
Phone: 877-744-3472
British Audio Designs presents the Best of B.A.D., a CD collection in the Composer Series containing production soundtracks and cues for film, video, multimedia and broadcast. Styles include neo-classical, world fusion, jazz, techno, ambient, rock, pop and funk. Instrumentation ranges from live orchestrations to cutting-edge contemporary synthesis.


Flying Hands Production Music Library
Phone: 800-536-6007; 502-451-8001
Fax: 502-451-0090
Contemporary buyout production music featuring the AV, High Energy, Maximum Variety and Unplugged Series. Each CD contains long versions and many 60-, 30-, 15- and 10-second cuts. "Try before you buy" plan gives customers four weeks to decide whether to purchase. Customers receive non-exclusive lifetime blanket license. Ask about free music for first time buyers and the preferred customers list.


Gene Michael Productions
Phone: 800-955-0619; 616-695-4000
Fax: 616-695-4005
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Original, digitally recorded "visual" music in styles that fit a variety of production needs. More than 62 CDs are in the library, with new releases appearing every quarter. Available through a buyout license. Thirty-day previews are available at no cost.


Crank City Music
Phone: 800-547-6547 614-761-8373
Fax: 614-761-8373
A royalty-free alternative to traditional production music featuring new compositions, unique arrangements with key changes, evolving themes and natural-sounding endings. Contemporary instrumentation with live players, MIDI instruments and a variety of musical styles. CD-Audio and AIFF/WAV formats are available with introductory pricing and a riskfree "test drive" offer.


The Impact Music Library
Phone: 800-779-6434; 920-779-6434
Fax: 920-779-6434
Eight extended theme volumes containing nine complete music packages per disc. Each CD also contains motivational vocal themes. Four Short Takes volumes are available, with 15 instrumentally themed packages per disc in five- to 60-second versions.
Narrator Tracks Music
Phone: 800-448-6467; 715-384-4626
Fax: 715-389-2834
Narrator Tracks Music claims to be the bestselling buyout music library in the world.


Phone: 800-622-7723; 760-747-5995
Fax: 760-747-5994
Introducing MusiCopia, Volume 1, a collection of royalty-free original themes and underscores composed by John W. Scott. Themes run from 10 seconds to two minutes; the disc contains 44.1 kHZ audio CD tracks and DSP resampled Macintosh AIFF and Windows WAV files.
Associated Production Music
Phone: 800-543-4276; 213-461-3211
Fax: 213-461-9102
More than 1,500 CDs representing KPM, Bruton, Sonoton, Carlin, Selected Sound, NFL Music, Castle, Sonia Classics, Intersound, Themes International and Cinemusic. More than 120 new releases per year, a preview Hitline, free listening rooms and four music directors for assistance.
The Hollywood Edge
Phone: 800-292-3755
Fax: 213-466-5861
A full buyout library with 30 CDs representing a cross section of music from classical to rock. Three new CDs every quarter. Call for free demo.
Match/Killer Tracks
Phone: 800-454-5537; 213-957-4455
Fax: 213-957-4470
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Match Music has joined the Killer Tracks family of production music, now representing nearly 800 CDs of music. Libraries include Killer Tracks, Atmosphere Music, NJJ, Koka Media, Josef Weinberger, Match Music and more. Killer Tracks specialized in background music for film, television, radio, video and multimedia.
OGM Production Music
Phone: 800-421-4163; 213-461-2701 Fax: 213-461 -1543
Specializing in video, cable, CD-ROM, interactive, broadcast, commercial, theatrical and corporate productions. The OGM Premium line has been combined with the OGM Professional series.
Opus 1 Production Music Library
12711 Ventura Blvd. Suite 170
Studio City, Ca. 91604
Phone (818) 508-2040
Toll Free (888) 757-opus (6787)
Fax (818) 508-2044
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Opus1 Music Library is a company of the Alan Ett Creative Group and represents ten different music libraries from around the world.
Phone: 800-828-6664
Fax: 213-962-4556
Music and sound effects libraries for broadcast and non-broadcast productions. CD-ROM audition program available for IBM and Mac systems. Many licensing packages offered for annual or per-production use.
Producers Sound Effects Library
Phone: 800-826-3397
Fax: 213-969-0248
A license-free buyout sound effects library available by category on CD or the medium of your choice. All sampler platforms are supported.
TunEge Music Library
333 Washington Blvd #343
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Phone: 800-279-0014
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Creative Support Services
Los Angeles
Phone: 800-468-6874; 213-666-7968
Fax: 213-660-2070
Access buyout music online and audition 5,900 complete tracks without having to download. A complete key word database, F.A.Q.,, order form and CD-demo-request also available online. Sixteen libraries for every price and demographic consideration, including Target Traxx, with discs just $48 each with a 10-disc purchase.
Los Angeles
Phone: 310-442-1440
Fax: 310-442-1448
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Real instruments and live musicians combined with multiple Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, Clio, Gold and Platinum award-winning composers whose work is heard on national commercials, feature films, TV shows and hit records. With 28 CDs, the library offers over 500 titles and six to eight CD updates produced per year.
Perfect Music Hotline
Phone: 650-738-9601
Fax: 650-738-9603
Special hotline number (900-329-4040, ext. 922, costs $1.98 per minute) features royaltyfree, buyout CDs in every category, representing more than 10,000 themes from more than 20 major companies. ~Best Of' category changes every two weeks.
Network Music
San Diego
Phone: 800-854-2075: 619-451-6400
Fax: 619-485-7598
The Production Music Library contains 173 CDs in specialty, business, sports, ultracontemporary, seasonal and comedy styles. The Sound Effects Library has 80 CDs; the Production Elements Library features seven CDs in the ShockWave category, seven in Brainstorm and 12 in Spike & Glide. The 54-CD Short Trax Library has over 4,000 broadcast-length tracks for spots, promos and jingles in a full range of musical styles and categories.
San Francisco
Phone: 415-333-7653
Fax: 415-333-5022
Representing A Poke In The Ear With A Sharp Stick sound-source discs for musical composition, multimedia, film and video applications. A large library of AIFF sounds for Mac-based programs. The latest release, Etymology, by Fred Frith and Tom Cora, contains a profusion of string and wire manipulation techniques and effects.
San Mateo
Phone: 415-696-9400
Fax: 415-696-9404
Internet-ready music files in a variety of genres, including ambient, classical, technotrance, house, corporate, underground and jazz. All tracks are created by award-winning professional composers. Libraries of sonic icons are available for user-interface sounds.
Delta Music
Santa Monica
Phone: 310-268-1205
Fax: 310-268-1279
Hundreds of classical, jazz and nostalgia recordings available for licensing. Call for a catalog.
Brian Bennett Music
Studio City
Phone: 818-789-9100
Fax: 818-789-5276
Used by ABC, CBS and NBC, the Brian Bennett Music library is available to independent producers, syndicators and local affiliates. Brian Bennett has released four new CDs of original music for broadcast programs, commercials and multimedia applications.
Music 2 Hues
Phone: 888-821-7515
FAX: 860-745-1312
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Music 2 Hues supplies royalty free production music and sound effects to a worldwide database of clientele. Over 40 CD's of music and sound effects. New CD's added quarterly.


Tropical Visions Video
Phone: 808-935-5557
Fax: 808-935-0066
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A video production company specializing in documenting eruptions of the Kilauea Volcano, Tropical Visions has more broadcastquality video of the volcano than any other company. Footage is sold worldwide to TV stations, production companies, museums, corporations and individuals. Broadcast and non-broadcast rights are available. A 10-second minimum purchase is required. Rates are generally in the $30-to-$60-per-second range.


5.1 Marketing & Sales
Incline Village
Phone: 888-551-6789
Fax: 888-515-0123
Specializing in DTS 5.1 digital surround music CDs and representing the HDS, DTS Entertainment, Telarc and DMP labels. Recording artists include Paul McCartney, Steve Miller, Pavarotti and Friends, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, the Moody Blues, Elton John, Eagles, Alan Parsons, Mystic Moods, the Allman Brothers, Steely Dan and Chick Corea. Music and sound effects are available in wide-ranging themes and styles.
gba Music
Las Vegas
Phone: 702-384-9228
Fax: 702-383-0881
gba offers composition and licensing of original music, complete post audio for video, an extensive sound effects library, original theme music and jingles formulated with the client's input, and SMPTE lock-up to video capabilities.


FirstCom Music
Phone: 800-858-8880 / 972-446-8742
Fax: 972-242-6526
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
FirstCom's 15 world-class libraries deliver 38,000 compositions, growing by 100 new CDs a year. Award winning composers and musicians create a diverse library of high-quality, easy-to-use music from acoustic underscores to rage rock and everything in between. Special technology features include: MusiQuick® - an exclusive search engine that allows you to dash to the solution you need; QuickTrax™ ROM - for custom scoring around dialog or visuals. FirstCom is a distributor of BMG FX.
The Music Bakery
7522 Campbell Rd., #113-2
Dallas, TX 75248
Toll Free: 800-229-0313
Fax: 972-414-3160
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A buyout music library of over 30 CDs featuring professional studio musicians playing acoustic instruments. Music categories include Active Underscores, the Seventies, Kidstuff, Geographical and Baroque Strings. Customers may order individual selections and receive cuts on custom made CDs. Users can select cuts by using MusicSearch software and edit them with the TuneBuilder CD-ROM.
The Production Garden
San Antonio
Phone: 800-247-5317: 210-641-6677
Fax: 210-641-7455
Five libraries with approximately 85 CDs containing about 5,000 tracks. Customers can mix and match CDs. New releases include Life Is Good, Positive Note, Science and Technology and the Music Street Production library. Buyout and annual blanket licenses are available.


ELS Productions
Phone: 800-927-3472: 801-265-1552
Fax: 801-266-5226
Featuring a full buyout license, the library offers a combination of digitally sampled and live-instrument recordings. Most volumes contain long themes, but one full volume of broadcast-length music is available. Special package pricing is less than $15 per disc, with a sampler volume available for $5.


PBTM Library
Phone: 541-345-0212
Fax: 541-345-8117
Twenty-one CD volumes of broadcast-quality production music in a wide variety of styles and moods. Each volume contains approximately one hour of music featuring long themes and commercial segues. All demos can be sampled at the Internet site. Now TuneBuilder-enabled.


AUDISEE Sound & Music
Phone: 206-283-4733
Fax: 206-382-1931
With more than 40,000 titles, AUDISEE has one of the largest music and sound effects libraries in the northwest. Music is updated as new sounds become available. All major licensed libraries are available on a per project basis for advertising, radio, TV, trade shows, corporate communications, multimedia, animation, education, books-on-tape, films and more. No buyouts are available.
Energetic Music
Phone: 800-323-2972: 206-467-7101
Fax: 206-467-8179
A 29-volume library of buyout music, available separately or in a package. Musical styles and themes include easy listening, classical, industrial, technical, new age, logos and transitions, dramatic, romantic, country, comedy, sports and travel.


Chris Stone Audio Productions Ltd.
45 Charles Street
East, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1S2, CANADA
Phone: (416) 923-6700 or Toll Free: 1-877-920-6700
Fax: (416) 923-3351
email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Morning Music (USA)
Phone: 905-625-2676
Fax: 905-625-2092
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Representing Germany's Happy Records, whose 39 compact discs represent a broad range of styles including leisure, landscapes, history, big band and corporate; the Sound Music collection, 20 CDs of folklore, research and jingles; and Orange Power, six discs of corporate and sports music. A catalog of programs is available.
Sound Ideas Production Music Library
Richmond Hill
Phone: 800-387-3030; 905-886-5000
Fax: 905-886-6800
Sound Ideas Production Music Library contains more than 100 CDs with more than 1,200 themes in 22 categories including romantic, industrial, action, sports, pop, rock and dance, all offered on a license basis. Music demo includes 21 free music tracks.
Turner Broadcast Music Library
Richmond Hill
Phone: 800-387-3030; 905-886-5000
Fax: 905-886-6800
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fifteen CDs with more than 400 broadcast-length themes in categories representing news, sports, drama, rock and jazz categories. Exclusive worldwide distribution by Sound Ideas. Offered on a license basis. Free demo available.
Sonic Science
Phone: 416-351-9100
Fax: 416-351-0100
Almost 500 original compositions available in the Sonic Source Music Library featuring a wide range of styles and lengths. Categories include Cities, Sports a News, Corporate Themes, Science, Drones a Pulses, Jingles and more.