More and more small- and mid-sized firms have begun to collect art, not only to create a pleasing office experience, but because of its potential investment value. As a result, an entire industry has developed to serve the needs of corporate art collections. The following directories provide information on what other companies are collecting as well as complete listings of the agents, dealers, and consultants who help companies choose their collections.
Some Recommended Resources
ARTnews International Directory of Corporate Art Collections
Artnews & International Art Alliance
P.O. Box 1608
Largo, FL 34649
(813) 581-7328
This annual directory provides an alphabetical listing by company of major national and international corporate art collections. Each listing includes a brief description of the corporation as well as information relevant to the collection, including size, year begun, location, source of artwork, loan policy, and selection process.
Encyclopedia of Living Artists
18757 Wildflower Drive
Penn Valley, CA 95946
(916) 432-7630
This annual book is a full-color catalog of the work of American artists, complete with personal profiles, names and addresses of the artists and their agents. It is used as a resource for galleries, publishers, private and corporate collectors, and consultants.