The SBA's Pollution Control Loan Program provides financial assistance to small businesses for the planning, design, or installation of a pollution control facility. Eligible businesses must be for-profit operations and must qualify as small according to the criteria set by the SBA's size standards; loans cannot be made to businesses involved in the creation or distribution of ideas or opinions, or those engaged in investment in rental real estate.

A pollution control loan can be used to finance the planning, design, or installation of a "pollution control facility." Such a facility is defined as:

  • Real or personal property which will be used for the collection, storage, treatment, utilization, processing, or final disposal of solid or liquid waste.
  • Real or personal property which is likely to help prevent, reduce, abate, or control noise, air, or water pollution or contamination, by removing, altering, disposing of, or storing pollutants, contaminants, wastes, or heat.
  • Any related recycling property when a local, state or federal environmental regulatory agency says it will be useful for pollution control.

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