The employee handbook is a document outlining the company's expectations of all employees and, when signed by the employee, acknowledges agreement to conform to those policies and practices. A prudent employer will prepare the employee handbook to present specific company policy on the following important topics:

  • Administrative policies such as hours, security, and safety procedures;
  • Wage and salary information regarding salary increases, shift differential, non-scheduled work reimbursement, pay periods and checks, overtime, deduction types, annual evaluation policy,
  • Benefits including parking, paid holidays, vacation policy, sick leave and personal leave policy, workers' compensation, and details of the health care and insurance plans;
  • Personnel policies including hiring, performance appraisal, disciplinary procedures, resignation, severance pay, and grievance procedures;
  • Causes for immediate dismissal including: Falsification of records particularly application for employment; Incompetence in performance despite additional training; Repeated or gross insubordination; A pattern of unexcused absence or lateness; Abusive or threatening language lo supervisors or other employees; Sexual harassment Unauthorized possession of firearms on the company premises; Physical violence or attempted injury to another employee or visitor; Intoxication on the job; Theft of company property or property of another employee; Receiving three notices of reprimand during any one-year period.