The American Export Register by Thomas Publishing, New York, NY (212-695-0500), is an annual two-volume, 3,000-page directory featuring product listings in more than 4,200 categories. The reference also includes:

  • Alphabetical listing of approximately 45,000 U.S. companies;
  • Product listings in ten languages;
  • Directory of import/export services (banks, cargo carriers, customs brokers, embassies, railroads)

Bergano's Register of International Importers by Bergano Books, Fairfield, CT (203-254-2054), is a comprehensive resource of 2,000 leading distributors, agents, and representatives in over 75 important international markets.

Directory of United States Importers and Directory of United States Exporters by Journal of Commerce Business Directories, Phillipsburg, NJ (800-222-0356), are world trade directories featuring numerical product listings and company profile listings.