The Final ruling on Section 611 of the Clean Air Act was February 11, 1993. This requires labeling of products made with or containing class I and class II ozone-depleting substances (such as chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs). It also requires that containers containing class I or class II substances be labeled.

An adhesive containing CFCs, for example, must be labeled as "containing" them. When the product is applied by a subsequent manufacturer in affixing a cushion to a seat, the seat must be labeled as a "product manufactured with" CFCs because the CFCs have been released. The subsequent sale of the seat to an automobile manufacturer, however, would not result in the labeling of a car based on that product.

Products made before May 15, 1993, are exempt from the labeling requirements if the manufacturer is able to show within 24 hours that its products were made before that date. Likewise, an importer, when so requested by the EPA, must be able to show that the products imported were manufactured before the deadline.

For additional information, including a complete list of class I and class II ozone-depleting chemicals, contact the Stratospheric Ozone Information Hotline at (800) 296-1996. To receive copies of the final rule and any follow-up notices regarding the labeling rule, see the Federal Register in a local university or government library.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency