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Arizona [return to top]

University of Arizona Library 
Tucson, AZ 85721 
602-621 -2101

Established in 1891, the University of Arizona has more than 2.7 million volumes, with special collections on photography as an art form, fine arts, drama, private presses, Southwestern Americana, Arizona, science history, science fiction, and Mexican colonial history.

California [return to top]

South State Cooperative Library System 
7400 East Imperial Highways 
Downey, CA 90241 

Founded in 1912, this library system contains more than 5.1 million volumes, with special collections on Afro-American studies, Asian Pacific studies, California, multimedia, mountaineering, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and poetry The collection is dispersed among 114 community, mobile, and institutional libraries.

Los Angeles Public Library System 
630 W. Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Founded in 1872, this public library system has 62 branches with more than 5.3 million volumes. Its special collections are on California studies, children's literature, cooking, genealogy, Native American studies, modern languages, orchestral scores, U.S. patents, and standards and specifications.

Stanford University Libraries 
Stanford, CA 94305 

Founded in 1892, Stanford's libraries contain 5.4 million volumes. Its special collections cover transportation, music, science, California, Irish literature, engineering mechanics, children's literature, Chicano studies, theater, and Hebraica and Judaica.

University of California, Berkeley 
Berkeley, CA 94720 
415-642 3773

Founded in 1871, this library contains more than 7.5 million volumes. Special collections include the letters, literary manuscripts, and scrapbooks of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain Collection) and Recollections of Persons Who Have Contributed to the Development of the West (Regional Oral History Office).

University of California Los Angeles Library 
405 Hilgard Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 90024 

Founded in 1919, the University of California Los Angeles Library has holdings of more than 5.4 million books. It has special collections on British Commonwealth history, contemporary Western writers, early English children's books, folklore, Latin American studies, Mazarinades, mountaineering, and Western Americana.

University of Southern California 
Edward L. Doheny Memorial Library 
University Park 
Los Angeles, CA 90089 

Founded in 1880, the University of Southern California has more than 2.4 million volumes, with a number of independent departmental libraries whose subject matter ranges from architecture and fine arts to gerontology Its special collections include Native American ethnopharmacology, American literature, cinema, dentistry, international relations, Latin American studies, and philosophy.

Colorado [return to top]

University of Colorado, Boulder 
University Libraries Campus Box 184 
Boulder, CA 80309 

Founded in 1876, the University of Colorado maintains holdings of more than 2 million volumes, with special collections on juvenile literature, the history of silver, mountaineering, and Western U.S. history.

Connecticut [return to top]

Yale University Library 
120 High Street PO. Box 1603A, Yale Station 
New Haven, CT 06520 

The second largest university library in the United States, Yale has 8.8 million volumes in its collection. Its rare books total more than 500,000. Yale's special collections are numerous; they include works by James Boswell, the Aaron Burr family, Daniel Defoe, John Dryden, James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, the Lindbergh family, Marcus Aurelius, H. L. Mencken, Napoleon, Mark Twain, and Edith Wharton. The American Library Directory lists more than 50 subjects of special strength for Yale, including Babylonian tablets, futurism, legal thought, playing cards, sporting books, urban and regional planning, and Western Americana. Founded in 1701.

District of Columbia [return to top]

The Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540

The nation's largest single library, the Library of Congress, established in 1800, contains over 80 million items, including about 20 million books and pamphlets. Its collections include over I million volumes on Hispanic and Portuguese culture and the largest collection of Russian literature outside the Soviet Union. Special collections include books for the blind and physically handicapped, cartography, folk music, law books, manuscripts, microforms, motion pictures, music, the Orient, prints and photographs, and more than half a million rare books. The library's first priority is service to the Congress of the United States. It also registers creative work for copyright and provides services to both the public and libraries throughout the country.

Florida [return to top]

University of Florida Libraries 
210 Library West 
Gainesville, FL 32611 

Founded in 1905, this system contains more than 2.5 million volumes, with special collections on Florida history, Latin America, Judaica, aerial photographs, coastal engineering, New England literature, Brazilian law, and Florida newspapers.

Georgia [return to top]

University of Georgia Libraries 
Athens, GA 30602 

Founded in 1800, this library system contains more than 2.4 million volumes, with special collections on music, theater, Georgia, Confederate imprints, Georgia authors, nineteenth- and twentieth-century politics, and Georgia newspapers.

Hawaii [return to top]

Hawaii State Library System 
Office of the State Librarian 
465 South King Street 
Honolulu, HI 96813 

Founded in 1852, Hawaii's libraries contain more than 2.1 million volumes, with a special collection devoted to Hawaiian history.

Illinois [return to top]

Chicago Public Library
1224 W. Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Founded in 1872, Chicago's libraries offer more than 4.3 million volumes with special collections of national, U.S., foreign, and trade bibliographies; Chicago information; foreign-language encyclopedias; Abraham Lincoln papers; miniature books; early American newspapers; and World War I and II posters.

Northwestern University Library 
1935 Sheridan Road 
Evanston, IL 60208 
708-491 -7658

Founded in 1856, Northwestern holds more the 2.4 million volumes and bound periodicals, with special collections on Africa, architecture, contemporary music scores, feminism, German classics, Italian futurism, manuscripts, and printing.

University of Chicago Libraries 
1100 East 57th Street 
Chicago, IL 60637 

The University of Chicago, founded in 1891, contains more than 4.6 million volumes. It maintains special collections of English Bibles, Lincolniana, modern poetry, anatomical illustrations, and Kentucky and Ohio River Valley history; children's books; early theology and Bible criticism; German fiction, 1790-1850; and books on ophthalmology.

University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign 
1408 West Gregory Drive 
Urbana, IL 61801 

This library's collection includes more than 7 million volumes, with special collections on American humor and folklore, freedom of expression, sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Italian drama, nineteenth century publishing, Carl Sandburg, and H. G. Wells. Founded 1868.

Indiana [return to top]

Indiana University at Bloomington 
Tenth Street and Jordan Avenue 
Bloomington, IN 47405 

Founded in 1824, Indiana University has amassed a collection of more than 4.2 million volumes, with special collections of English and American literature, nineteenth-century British plays, English history, scientific and medical history, the works of Aristotle, and nineteenth-century French opera.

Iowa [return to top]

University of Iowa Libraries 
Iowa City, IA 52242 

Established in 1855, Iowa's libraries contain more than 2.5 million volumes, with special collections on Leigh Hunt and his friends, Abraham Lincoln, American Indians, Iowa authors, typography, the Union Pacific Railroad, editorial cartoons, the French Revolution, and the history of medicine.

Kansas [return to top]

University of Kansas Libraries 
Watson Library 
Lawrence, KS 66045 

Established in 1866, Kansas' libraries contain in excess of 2.4 million volumes, with special collections on Anglo-Saxons, botany, children's books, Chinese classics, Colombia, the Continental Renaissance, economics, historical cartography, Irish history and literature, Kansas history, poetry, opera, ornithology, sound recordings, travel, and women.

Maryland [return to top]

Enoch Pratt Free Library
400 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Founded in 1886, Enoch Pratt's 1.9 million-volume collection has a special H. L. Mencken section and a Maryland history collection.

Johns Hopkins University 
Milton S. Eisenhower Library 
Baltimore, MD 21218 
301 -338-8325

Established in 1876, Johns Hopkins has more than 2.4 million volumes, with special collections on economics, Lord Byron, French drama, modern German drama, German literature, sheet music, slavery, and trade unions.

Massachusetts [return to top]

Boston Public Library
Copley Square
Boston, MA 02117

Founded in 1852, the Boston library system is believed to be the oldest free municipal library system supported by taxation anywhere in the world. It has 4. I million volumes, with the following special collections: the library of John Quincy Adams; military science, history, and the Civil War; astronomy, mathematics, and navigation; Robert and Elizabeth Browning; Daniel Defoe; drama; genealogy; government documents; heraldry; music; patents; Christian Science; the Sacco-Vanzetti papers; Walt Whitman; and World War I.

Harvard University Library
Wadsworth House
Cambridge, MA 02138

With more than 11 million volumes, the Harvard Library, founded in 1638, is the largest university library in the United States. Its special collections are numerous. They include the Trotsky archive; the Theodore Roosevelt Collection; and works by such authors as Dante, T S. Eliot, Faulkner, Goethe, Kipling, Longfellow, Milton, Petrarch, Rousseau, Shakespeare, Steinbeck, and Thomas Wolfe. Some of its branches are located outside of Massachusetts, such as the Harvard Library in New York and the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection in Washington, DC. Others specialize in topics ranging from music to divinity and include Harvard's famed law library and the fine arts library at the Fogg Art Museum.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries 
Room 14S-216 
Cambridge, MA 02139 

Founded in 1862, MIT's library holdings total approximately 2 million volumes, with special collections devoted to the early history of aeronautics, architecture and planning, civil engineering, nineteenth century US. glass manufacturers, early works in mathematics and physics, shipbuilding and naval history, and spectroscopy.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst Library 
Amherst, MA 01003 

Founded in 1865, this university system maintains holdings in excess of 2 million volumes, with special collections on slavery and antislavery pamphlets; county atlases of New England, New York, and New Jersey; and the French Revolution.

Michigan [return to top]

Detroit Public Library 
5201 Woodward Avenue 
Detroit, MI 48202 

Founded in 1865, Detroit's library contains more than 2.5 million volumes, with special collections on automotive history, labor history, and black music, dance, and drama.

Michigan State University Library 
East Lansing, MI 48824 

Established in 1855, Michigan State has holdings of more than 3 million volumes, with special collections on American popular culture, American radical history, apiculture, cookery, criminology, fencing, illuminated manuscripts in facsimile, natural science, and veterinary history.

University of Michigan Libraries 
Ann Arbor, MI 48109 

Founded in 1817, the University of Michigan's libraries contain nearly 6 million volumes, the fifth largest collection in the country. The system comprises 18 collections located around campus. Major facilities include a medical and a fine arts library. Separately administered are a library of Americana, a law library, a business administration library, and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library.

Wayne State University Libraries 
Detroit, MI 48202 

Wayne State has more than 2 million volumes, with special collections on nineteenth-century Spanish history, social studies, women and the law, law, and children and young people.

Minnesota [return to top]

University of Minnesota Libraries-Twin Cities 
499 O. Meredith Wilson Library 
309 19th Avenue South 
Minneapolis, MN 55455 

Founded in 1851, this university system contains more than 3.6 million volumes, with special collections on American and English literature, the history of quantum physics, ballooning, dime novels, information processing, Sherlock Holmes, children's literature, performing arts, private presses, August Strindberg, and the history of biology and medicine.

Missouri [return to top]

Kansas City Public Library
311 East 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106

Founded in 1873, this library's collection numbers more than 2 million volumes, with special collections on black history and Missouri Valley history and genealogy.

St. Louis University Libraries 
St. Louis University
St. Louis, MO 63103

Founded in 1818, this system contains more than 1.2 million bound volumes and government documents. Libraries on campus include a divinity library, a library of the School of Social Service, a law library, and a medical library.

University of Missouri-Columbia 
Elmer Ellis Library 
Columbia, MO 65201 

Established in 1839, this library holds more than 2.2 million volumes, with special collections devoted to American best-sellers, criminal law, philosophy, World War I and II posters, cartoons, and Fourth of July orations.

Washington University Libraries 
Skinker and Lindell Boulevards 
St. Louis, MO 63130 

Founded in 1853, this system maintains more than 2 million volumes, with special collections on German language and literature, Romance languages and literature, classical archeology and numismatics, architecture, musicology, history of the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union, American and New York Stock Exchange reports, printing, and early history of communications-semantics.

New Jersey [return to top]

Princeton University Library 
Princeton, NJ 08544 

Founded as the College of New Jersey, Elizabeth, in 1746, the library's principal building is the Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library, constructed in 1948. Princeton has approximately 4 million volumes, with special collections devoted to the Brontes, Disraeli, aeronautics, American historical manuscripts, chess, civil rights, coins, Emily Dickinson, emblem books, fishing and angling, graphic arts, Mormon history, mountaineering, papyrus manuscripts, publishing, sports, women, and famous individuals.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey University Libraries 
169 College Avenue 
New Brunswick, NJ 08903 

Established in 1766, this venerable library contains more than 2.2 million volumes. It has a special collection of New Jersey public-sector collective bargaining contracts.

New York [return to top]

Brooklyn Public Library System 
Grand Army Plaza 
Brooklyn, NY 11238 

Founded in 1896 and consolidated with the Brooklyn Library in 1902, the library system now has 58 branches with a total of more than 4.1 million books. Special collections cover Brooklyn history, chess and checkers, the Civil War, costumes, fire protection, and Walt Whitman.

Columbia University
University Libraries
535 West 114th Street
New York, NY 10027

Founded in 1761, Columbia offers more than 5.4 million volumes, with special collections on anatomy, architecture, cancer research, fine arts, physiology, and plastic surgery.

Cornell University Libraries 
Ithaca, NY 14853 

With approximately 5 million volumes, the Cornell libraries include special collections on Southeast Asia, civil engineering, medical dissertations, field recordings, early sixteenth-century music, beekeeping, food and beverages, and labor history

New York Public Library 
Astor, Lenox & Tilden Foundations Library 
Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street 
New York, NY 10018 

Established in 1895 by the consolidation of the Astor and Lenox libraries and the Tilden Trust, the New York Public Library contains more than 30 million catalogued items: books, manuscripts, microfilm, prints, maps, recordings, photographs, and sheet music. It has special collections on black history and culture, performing arts, English and American literature, bindings and illustrated books, Japanese prints, tobacco, early Bibles including the Gutenberg, voyages and travels, and Jewish, Oriental, Slavonic, and local history and genealogy The library's 82 branches have 3.2 million circulating volumes and 5 million nonbook items.

New York State Library 
State Education Department, Cultural Education Center 
Empire State Plaza 
Albany, NY 12230 

Founded in 1818, New York State's library contains more than 1.9 million volumes, with special collections on Dutch colonial records, New York State political and social history, and the Shakers.

New York University 
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library 
70 Washington Square South 
New York, NY 10012 

Established in 1831, New York University's holdings total approximately 2 million volumes, with special collections on Lewis Carroll, Robert Frost, rare Judaica and Hebraica, mathematics, and the history of dentistry.

Queens Borough Public Library System 
89-11 Merrick Boulevard 
Jamaica, NY 11432 

Organized in 1896, this library system contains more than 4.6 million volumes and has 59 branches. It maintains special collections of Long Island history and genealogy and a collection of over 1.5 million pictures.

State University of New York at Buffalo University Libraries 
432 Capen Hall 
Buffalo, NY 14260 

Founded in 1922, the State University libraries hold more than 1.8 million volumes, with special collections of poetry, the works of I Frank Dobie, New York State governors' autographs, and books on science and engineering and the history of medicine.

Syracuse University Libraries 
E. S. Bird Library 
222 Waverly Avenue 
Syracuse, NY 13244 

Established in 1871, Syracuse University has holdings of more than 1.3 million volumes, with special collections on Stephen Crane, Loyalists in the American Revolution, economic history, Margaret Bourke-White, Rudyard Kipling, and cartoonists; science fiction books and manuscripts; and the papers of Averell Harriman, Dorothy Thompson, and Benjamin Spock.

University of Rochester 
Rush Rhees Library 
Rochester, NY 14627 

Founded in 1850, the Rochester library's holdings include more than 2 million volumes, with special collections on nineteenth- and twentieth century public affairs, nineteenth-century botany and horticulture, American literature, regional history, and Leonardo da Vinci.

North Carolina [return to top]

Duke University 
William R. Perkins Library 
Durham, NC 27706 

Founded in 1838, Duke's library contains more than 2.9 million volumes,. with special collections on American almanacs, architecture, city directories, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Confederate imprints, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Latin American history, manuscripts, the Methodist Church, newspapers, the Philippines, utopias, and Wesleyana.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Walter Royal Davis Library 
Chapel Hill, NC 27599 

Founded in 1795, North Carolina's library contains more than 3. I million volumes, with special collections on North Carolina and Southern history.

Ohio [return to top]

Cleveland Public Library
325 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

Founded in 1869, the Cleveland Public Library contains 2.5 million volumes. Its special collections are devoted to folklore, the Orient, and chess.

Ohio State University Libraries 
William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library 
1858 Neil Avenue Mall 
Columbus, OH 43210 

Established in 1873, Ohio State offers approximately 4 million volumes and bound periodicals. Special collections include those on the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists, American fiction to 1925, American sheet music, Australia, daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, dance notation, Reformation history, and science fiction magazines.

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County 
800 Vine Street 
Library Square 
Cincinnati, OH 45202 

Founded in 1853, Cincinnati's library has more than 3.5 million volumes, with 139,337 maps and special collections on local history, genealogy, theology, art, music, theater, and oral history.

Oklahoma [return to top]

University of Oklahoma
University Libraries
410 West Brooks
Norman, OK 73019

Founded in 1895, the University of Oklahoma's library holds more than 2.2 million volumes, with special collections devoted to early science, Western history, Native American papers, political speeches, theater, film, and dance.

Pennsylvania [return to top]

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh 
4400 Forbes Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15213 

Founded in 1895, the Carnegie Library collection contains more than 2.4 million volumes, with approximately 69,000 in foreign languages. It maintains special collections on architecture and design, the Atomic Energy Commission, cartoons, local history, US. patents, World War 1, and nineteenth-century American and German music journals.

Free Library of Philadelphia 
Logan Square Philadelphia, PA 19103 

Founded in 1891, the Free Library contains 3.1 million volumes, with special collections on orchestral music, common law, automobile history, Americana, cuneiform tablets, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Beatrix Potter, Arthur Rackham, theater, and maps (including over 130,000 singlesheet maps, atlases, and geographies).

Pennsylvania State University 
Fred Lewis Pattee Library 
University Park, PA 16802 

Established in 1857, Penn State's library has approximately 2 million volumes, with special collections on American sociology, anthropology, art, architecture, Australia, Bibles, black literature, the Columbus family papers, English literature, photography, Pennsylvania, science fiction, surrealism, and the United Steelworkers of America.

University of Pennsylvania Libraries 
Van Pelt Library 
3420 Walnut Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19104 

Founded in 1749, the University of Pennsylvania's libraries hold more than 3.2 million volumes, with special collections on church history, the Spanish Inquisition, canon law, witchcraft, Shakespeare, alchemy and chemistry, Aristotle, Bibles, Jonathan Swift, Sanskrit manuscripts, Theodore Dreiser, Washington Irving, and the Spanish Golden Age of literature, as well as Benjamin Franklin imprints.

University of Pittsburgh 
University Libraries 
Pittsburgh, PA 15260 

Founded in 1873, the University of Pittsburgh has holdings of more than 2.5 million volumes, with special collections on ballet, nineteenth- and twentieth-century American and English theater, popular culture, early history and travel, children's literature, "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" videos, and ethnic organizations.

South Carolina [return to top]

University of South Carolina 
Thomas Cooper Library 
Columbia, SC 29208 

Founded in 1801, South Carolina's system contains more than 1.8 million volumes, with special collections on archeology, ornithology, aerial photography, and rare medical books.

Texas [return to top]

Dallas Public Library
1515 Young Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Founded in 1901, Dallas's library contains over 3 million volumes. Special collections cover business histories, children's literature, classical literature, classical recordings, Dallas black history, diaries and manuscripts on dance, fashion, genealogy, grants, printing, and Texas.

Houston Public Library
500 McKinney Avenue
Houston, TX 77002

Founded in 1901, the Houston Public Library has more than 3. I million volumes, with special collections of Bibles; books on the Civil War, genealogy, Texas, and petroleum; Salvation Army posters; early Houston photographs; early printing and illuminated manuscripts; juvenile literature; and sheet music.

University of Texas Libraries 
PO. Box P 
Austin, TX 78713 

Founded in 1883, this university library system serves a student body of more than 46,000. With more than 5.5 million volumes, its holdings are divided among individual libraries devoted to Asia; film; the Middle East; Latin America; public affairs; architecture and planning; chemistry; classics; engineering; fine arts; geology; physics, math, and astronomy; science; business research; humanities; population research; and law. Its special collections cover Southern history, Canada, British Commonwealth literature, the U.S. Volleyball Association, and oral histories.

Utah [return to top]

University of Utah 
Marriott Library 
Salt Lake City, UT 84112 
801-581 -7200

Founded in 1850, Utah's library contains in excess of 2 million volumes, with special collections on the Middle East, Western Americana, and the history of medicine.

Virginia [return to top]

University of Virginia 
Alderman Library 
Charlottesville, VA 22903 

Established in 1819, Virginia's library holds more than 2.6 million volumes, with special collections devoted to American literature, the American Revolution, Americana, the Civil War and Reconstruction, political cartoons, Ceylon, classical studies, Stephen Crane, Oliver Cromwell, John Dos Passos, evolution, William Faulkner, finance, Rober Frost, Gothic novels, Bret Harte, Nathaniel Hawthorne, international law, Washington Irving, Thomas Jefferson, modern art, Mark Twain, typography and printing, Virginia, voyages and travels, and Walt Whitman.

Washington [return to top]

University of Washington Libraries 
Seattle, WA 98195 

Founded in 1862, this university's holdings exceed 4.3 million volumes, with special collections devoted to East Asia, fisheries, forest resources, oceanography, and the Pacific Northwest.

Wisconsin [return to top]

Milwaukee Public Library
814 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Founded in 1878, the Milwaukee Public Library has more than 2.3 million volumes, with special collections on the Great Lakes, H. G. Wells, British and American authors, genealogy, and cookbooks.

University of Wisconsin-Madison 
General Library System and Memorial Library 
728 State Street Madison, WI 53706 

The University of Wisconsin has amassed a collection of more than 4.5 million volumes sine its founding in 1850. Special collections include those on alchemy, American gifts, book plates, Brazilian positivism, Buddhism, children's literature, C. S. Lewis's letters, Calvinist theology and Dutch history, chess, Early American women authors, history of chemistry, medieval history, Mexican pamphlets, Polish literature and history, Tibetan studies, Mark Twain, and Welsh theology.

Canada [return to top]


University of Alberta
University Library
Edmonton, Alberta TOG 2J8

Established in 1909, Alberta's university system contains more than 2.8 million volumes, with special collections on literature, Native Americans, Victorian book arts, western Canada, and theology and canon law.


University of Toronto Library System 
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A5 
416-978 2282

Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto has holdings of more than 6.3 million volumes, with extensive sections of sheet music, films, slides, maps, and photographs. Its special collections include those on Shakespeare, the history of science, Darwin, Victorian natural history, ornithology, medical and related sciences, Italian plays, juvenile drama, Canada, and Canadian authors.

British Columbia

University of British Columbia Library
1956 Main Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Y3

Established in 1915, British Columbia's library holds more than 2.4 million volumes, with special collections on Pacific Northwest history, Canada, the Orient, the history of science, English literature, and Canadian and Japanese maps.


McGill University Libraries
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y1

Founded in 1821, this university system serves an enrollment of about 24,000 students and has holdings of 1.3 million volumes. Its special collections cover architecture, William Blake, Canada, entomology, early geology, the history of science and medicine, natural history and ornithology, printing, Shakespeare, and sixteenth and seventeenth-century tracts.

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