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  Political Structure
Official Name Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), comprising the republics of Serbia and Montenegro
Form of State Democratic republic
Legal System Based on the constitution of April 1992
National Legislature Assembly (Skupstina), including the Chamber of Citizens (138 seats) and Chamber of Republics (40 seats - 20 from each republic)
National elections November 3 1996; next election due by November 2000
Head of state President (at the time of this writing) elected by the Assembly, for four years; currently Slobodan Milosevic, sworn in July 23, 1997
National government Council of Ministers (Vlada), formed in March 1997, headed by the prime minister. Last cabinet reshuffle January 1999
Main political parties Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS); Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO); Serbian Radical Party (SRS); Democratic Party (DS); Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS); New Democracy (ND); Yugoslav United Left (JUL); Serbian Civic Alliance (GSS); Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK); Democratic Alternative (DA); Democratic Socialist Party of Montenegro (DSSM); Socialist People's Party (SNP); People's Party (NS); Liberal Alliance (LSCG)
Prime minister Momir Bulatovic (SNP)
Deputy Prime Ministers Danilo Vuksanovic (SNP)
Nikola Sainovic (SPS)
Vladan Kutlesic (SPS)
Zoran Lilic (SPS)
Jovan Zebic (SPS)
Vuk Draskovic (SPO)
Minister of state for legislative reform and relations with the assembly Arben Imami (DA)
Key Ministers Agriculture -- Nedeljko Sipovac (SPS)
Co-ordinator with IMF -- Nenad Djokic (SPS)
Defence -- Pavie Bulatovic (SNP)
Development, science and ecology -- Jagos Zelenovic (SPS)
Economy -- Rade Filipovic (SNP)
Finance -- Dragisa Pesic (SNP)
Foreign affairs -- Zivadin Jovanovic (SPS)
Information -- Milan Komnenic (SPO)
Justice -- Zoran Knezevic (SPS)
Labour, Health and Social Policy -- Dusko Lalicevic (DSSM)
Sport -- vacant
Telecommunications -- Dojcilo Radojevic (SPS)
Transport and Communications -- Dejan Drobnjakovic (SNP)
Without portfolio -- Jugoslav Kostic (SPS), Milan Bozic (SPO), Goran Matic (JUL)
Central Bank Governor Dusan Vlatkovic


Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 1999