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   Political Structure
 Official Name Republic of Serbia, a republic of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), which also includes Montenegro
 Form of State Democratic republic
 Legal System Based on the Serbian constitution of 1989
 National Legislature Assembly (Skupstina), 250 seats
 National Elections September 21 1997; next election due in 2001
 Head of State President, (at the time of this writing) currently Milan Milutinovic
 National Government Government sworn in on March 24 1998
 Main Political Parties Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS); Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO); Serbian Radical Party (SRS); Democratic Party (DS); Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS); New Democracy (ND); Yugoslav United Left (JUL); Serbian Civic Alliance (GSS); Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK); Democratic Alternative (DA)
 Prime Minister Mirko Marjanovic (SPS)
 Deputy Prime Ministers Milovan Bojic (JUL)
Ratko Markovic (SPS)
Tomislav Nikolic (SRS)
Vojislav Seselj (SRS)
Dragomir Tomic (SRS)
 Key Ministers Agriculture -- Jovan Babovic (SPS)
Construction -- Dejan Kovacevic (SPS)
Culture -- Zeljko Simic (SPS)
Economic and Ownership Transformation -- Jorgovanka Tabakovic (SRS)
Education -- Jovo Todorovic (SPS)
Environment -- Branislav Blazic (SRS)
Finance -- Borislav Milacic (SPS)
Health -- Leposava Milicevic (JUL)
Industry -- Luka Mitrovic (SRS)
Information -- Aleksandar Vucic (SRS)
Interior -- Vlajko Stojiljkovic (SPS)
Justice -- Dragoljub Jankovic (JUL)
Labour, Veteran's Issues and Social Welfare -- Tomislav Milenkovic (SPS)
Mining and Energy -- Zivota Cosic (SPS)
Ties With Serbs Outside Serbia -- Miroslav Mircic (SRS)
Tourism -- Slobodan Cerovic (JUL)
Trade -- Zoran Krasic (SRS)
Transport and Communications -- Dragan Todorovic (SRS)


Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 1999