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   Political Structure
 Official Name Republic of Montenegro, a republic of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), which also includes Serbia
 Form of State Democratic republic
 Legal System Based on the Montenegrin constitution of 1992
 National Legislature Assembly (Skupstina), 71 seats
Elections May 31, 1998
 Head of State President, (at the time of this writing) currently Milo Djukanovic, elected October 1997, sworn in January 15, 1998. Next election due 2001
 National Government A new coalition government was approved by parliament on July 16th 1998
 Main Political Parties Democratic Socialist Party of Montenegro (DSSM); Socialist People's Party (SNP); People's Party (NS); Liberal Alliance (LSCG); Democratic Alliance (DS); Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA); Party of Democratic Action (SDA); Social Democratic Party (SDS)
 Prime Minister Filip Vujanovic (DSSM)
 Deputy Prime Ministers Predrag Goranovic (DSSM)
Asim Telacevic (DSSM)
Milutin Lalic (DSSM)
Novak Kilibarda (NS)
Dragisa Burzan (SDS)
 Key Ministers Agriculture -- Milutin Simovic (DSSM)
Culture -- Budimir Zubak (NS)
Education -- Dragan Kujovic (DSSM)
Environment -- Miladin Vukotic (DSSM)
Ethnic Minority Issues -- Ljujidj Juncaj (DUA)
Finance -- Miroslav Ivanisevic (DSSM)
Foreign Affairs -- Branko Perovic (Ind)
Health -- Miomir Mugosa (DSSM)
Industry, energy and mining -- Vojin Djukanovic (DSSM)
Interior -- Vukasin Maras (DSSM)
Justice -- Dragan Soc (NS)
Labour -- Predrag Drecun (NS)
Religions -- Slobodan Tomovic (NS)
Sport -- Slavoljub Stijepovic (DSSM)
Tourism -- Vlado Mitrovic (DSSM)
Trade -- Ramo Bralic (SDS)
Transport and Shipping -- Jusuf Kalamperovic (SDS)
Urban Planning -- Radovan Bakic (DSSM)
Parliamentary Speaker Svetozar Marovic



Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 1999