Fighter jet shot in 360° degree video

The author of this 360 video, Guillaume Laffon of Paris, France, is a Pilote de ligne at Air France and studied to be an airline pilot at ESMA Aviation Academy.

ancient city of Petra, Jordan

This is a virtual journey to Petra, the ancient and mysterious city in Jordan.

Among Us 360 VR video

The popular online multiplayer game, Among Us, developed and published by game studio Innersloth, has been around since June 2018 on Android and IOS devices.

Bouncing Band

With Bouncing Band from oio Studios, augmented reality is used to engage any space where AR objects turn into musical instruments. Manipulate the sound characters that float down your handset screen as an AR implementation and into an improvised orchestra to create music and beats.

Star Wars 360 VR video

This is a Star Wars Fan-film put together out of the fan group's love of the Star Wars universe.

Customize immersive sound with Web VR

Using WebVR technologies controlling visualization and audio, immersive design studio, Within, has engineered an experimental immersive music video to the track of avant-pop artist and music producer Matthew Dear from his single of the same name, "What You Don't Know” (taken from Bunny on Ghostly International).

Rhomaleosaurus Sea Dragon 360 VR video

The Rhomaleosaurus dinosaur thrived during the period Early Jurassic Toarcian period in the part of the globe now known as Yorkshire of the United Kingdom.

Paper folding with Origami Simulator

Origami is the art of paper folding which had beginnings (in Japan at least) from the 1600s. People interested in the origami craft want to know about easy origami folding techniques and now VR technology can be used to aid this.