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Darths & Droids is an "RPG screencap comic" that parodies Star Wars. The characters in the comic are roleplaying game (RPG) players. The premise of the comic is that the Star Wars saga as we know it does not exist, rather the comic takes place in an alternate universe where Star Wars does not exist. Despite aspects of a Star Wars setting the comic's characters are oblivious to anything concerning Jedi, or Tatooine, or Anakin Skywalker before the game begins. Using screenshots from the live-action films to tell the story, the Comic Irregulars are not constrained by the dialogue, allowing a largely different plot to be constructed around the visuals from the films.







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Read Darths & Droids, Star Wars inspired, sci-fi webcomics


Star Wars as it would have been played as an RPG.
Darths & Droids
  1. Episode 2190: Curse of the Speeder Woman

    It's not a flaw unless it comes up in play.

    Corollary: The best flaws come up in play a lot.

    As a GM, you should constantly be looking

  2. Episode 2189: Witness for the Execution

    Pain isn't handled explicitly very often in roleplaying games. There may be some abstracted mechanics that make you less efficient at fighting or whatever when

  3. Episode 2188: Megumin: The Button of Doom

    You usually want to make sure you're not harming your allies when you do stuff. Usually.

    But sometimes you don't know that what you're doing will harm

  4. Episode 2187: Got Mook?

    In much fiction, the heroes will deal with masses of bad guy mooks without batting an eyelid. This is fairly unrealistic, as numerical superiority will often win out against

  5. Episode 2186: Identity Crisis

    When characters get some sort of magical or psychic feeling about something, or a premonition or prophecy, make it a little ambiguous. It doesn't need to be super