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  1. Klarna said it is introducing a number of changes in the U.K. including stronger credit checks and the ability to make instant payments.
  2. Facebook said it plans to create 10,000 high-skilled jobs in the EU over the next five years.
  3. After two days of trading, GitLab is now worth $16.5 billion, more than double what Microsoft paid for GitLab in 2018.
  4. Climate change hopelessness and gloom-and-doom is uninformed and disempowering, says author and educator Elin Kelsey. Focusing on solutions is the way forward.
  5. A Reddit channel called r/HermanCainAward is filled with stories of people who mocked Covid-19 vaccines before eventually dying from the disease.
  6. Monday could be the culmination of a two-year transition where the company has completely revamped its entire Mac lineup.
  7. Squid Game's success has made some media executives encouraged that they can find relatively inexpensive hits using local international talent outside the U.S.
  8. Taiwan Semiconductor is investing $100 billion to ramp up production during the chip shortage. Its Phoenix plant will bring chip manufacturing back to the U.S.
  9. Daniel Edlin, a former Theranos project manager and one of many friends recruited by Elizabeth Holmes' brother, testified in Holmes' criminal trial on Friday.
  10. The price of bitcoin rose above $62,000 following Dorsey's string of tweets, as the world's most popular cryptocurrency pushes toward its all-time high.