In Drift Boss you simply maneuver your car along twists and turns – which turns out to be not as simple to do as it sounds. The goal of the game from MarketJS is to drift with your car from one side to the other while trying not to fall off from the drive platform.

By default, the car will keep traveling to the upper left. By tapping or holding the space bar (and depending on the game platform in use), the car will start drifting and will then eventually travel to the upper right of the screen. Complete the brief in-game tutorial at the start of the game to get you familiar to the steering controls so you can drift your car like a boss and you’re ready to start your first race.

After driving your Drift Boss car past the starting line that resembles that of a race car course, you will need to skillfully steer the accelerating car through a series of sharp turns, road dips, bumps, and other obstacle course challenges as you advance through the game. Drift left and right with good timing and sharp reflexes to navigate the tight road ahead. Score points by going the distance and unlock different vehicle models by collecting more points. You can also play Free Gear, another car race game similar to Drift Boss but where you compete against other race cars on the road.


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