Rally Point is an off-road racing game from Xform Games in which you get to try out your rally driving skills. Finish in the designated time to unlock new cars and tracks.

Master the turns and curves as you try to keep your race car on the road without striking road signs, lamp posts, bridges and tunnels, dirt patches, cliff roads, and rocky hillsides, and other obstacles. This game is all about achieving the fastest time. Use your steering skills, drift through road curves, and speed it all up by using your nitro boost. Don't overheat your engine! Time records will give you access to new cars and new tracks.

Control the car drift to keep your race car on the road, or use the dirt road to find your way back to the paved highway. You will drive through day, night, and twilight visibility conditions. The Rally Point race car is outfitted with a powerful engine and nitro boost that gets you as much speed as you can handle. But overuse of the nitro can overheat the race car and cause it to explode.

You must pass through the checkpoints in order to proceed otherwise a barrier appears preventing you from driving on. Win races by beating the target times and unlock new vehicles and tracks. As you are driving, look out for the different obstacles. In Rally Point, obstacles will stop your car dead and prevent it from going forward, so make sure to read and understood the checkpoint rules.

Win races by beating the target times and unlock new vehicles and tracks. Use Nitro for an extra boost and drift the many twists and turns, but be mindful about overheating your engine.


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