Plants vs Undead is a tower defense strategy game. In this game, you need to keep undead zombies from attacking the mother tree and killing the plants. To counter the zombie attack you rely on various types of plants that have different capabilities.

When playing Plants vs Undead, positioning is important to fortify the defense. A player can select eight unique plants to deploy to defend the mother tree. Determining where to place their plants is important to game strategy because this will affect how each of them will complement others in the player’s defense strategy. Seeds become assets to grow into special plants with magical elements and special traits to defend the planet against the undead.

Each plant in Plants vs Undead is unique and equally accessible to everyone through collecting and growing seeds as “Farmers.” With in-game tokens acquired through playing, players could obtain the seeds, which could grow into any plant. Plants vs Undead is patterned after the game mechanics of Plants vs Zombies. An in-game overview will attempt to guide you through the game. A video walkthrough for the game has been posted below to help further understand gameplay. Additionally, there is a Facebook group with a community to post questions to.


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