Play Conduct This! And race against time as a train's conductor to bring passengers safely to their destination by directing commuter trains through a varying array of scenic routes, switching tracks and avoiding collisions in increasingly challenging action-obstacle scenarios.

Each new level in Conduct This! brings an expanded and incrementally more challenging rail system to get through without making collisions with other rail and non-rail traffic. As the levels progress, you will have to manage multiple vehicles at once to ensure they don’t crash into each other. When they do you will have to try the level again. Each level has a set number of passengers you must transport before the timer runs out. In later levels, you will have to switch the tracks to change the train’s direction and control multiple vehicles at once.

Simple and intuitive gameplay controls are used to operate train movement and track switching in Conduct This! Just tap to start/stop trains and control switches. As the train conductor, transport passengers, earn coins, and unlock new themed regions. Like any train conductor you will need to watch your time to stay on schedule. Prevent the trains from crashing and deliver passengers safely to their destinations before the time runs out. Unlock trains found in the real world, such as the French TGV and Japanese Shinkansen. Advancing to new levels unlocks realistic trains based on real-life models like the Class A4 Mallard and Shinkansen 100 bullet train, as well as fun fictional trains like the Jousting and Medieval trains.

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