This single-player version of Drift City from MeyaGames will put you on the streets of a virtual city with endless roads. The game's physics will challenge you to keep your car driving the road while avoiding oncoming traffic and crashes.

In Drift City, you can view the simulation from a 360 degree perspective with the various cameras angles. Race your car at top speeds while striving to keep it on the road as you weave in and around other vehicular traffic in this virtual reality city. The more points you earn, the more multiplier you get. You can buy new cars with the drift points you earn. Each car will give you different drifting hits.

Strive to be the ultimate Drift Boss by buying new cars with the points you earn. Build a reputation in the city by unlocking 30 different achievements. Players can stop the action at any point and head back to the garage for car upgrades. The walkthrough video posted below offers a close simulation of what to expect from playing the Drift City game.


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