You are faced with a challenge to control a fast-moving mountain bike in steep descent when you play MX OffRoad Mountain Bike, across rough terrain, high ramps, cliff edges, fog, steep slopes, ramps, mini-bridges, and other challenges.

MX Offroad Mountain Bike can be played as a one or two-player game. Game controls in one-player mode are: "W-A-S-D" keys. In two-player mode, they are: "arrow keys." If the bike gets stuck anywhere, the "R" key serves to reset the action. The ultimate goal is to get to the checkpoints to complete the levels. It is up to you to stay on course by keeping an eye on the radar in the top left corner to avoid going off-track. As you start the extreme descent down the rough, rugged mountain terrain, you could be challenged to keep yourself from tumbling down in an uncontrolled way. An in-game “skull” notification pops up to serve as a warning that it could be a good idea to take a rest from the trail.

The game is developed by RHM Interactive, known for their two-player games, putting together a downhill mountain bike game with a two-player mode inspired by famous downhill mountain bike videos across the internet. So you can also bring a friend along to play in two-player mode and experience the downhill biking together by racing each other.

Viewed through the first-person point of view camera that makes it easy to feel you are on the bike itself, you get to ride through mountain tracks on a path of steep and narrow roadways that form an extreme downhill experience. There are plenty of bike and outfit customizations available in this game. Through consistent winnings and point earnings, you can choose and customize your mountain bike for enhancements to help get past tough obstacles that form the course.


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