Upon launch, Ski Jump will start you off with a "Jumping Tutorial" that you can go through to get a feel of the game without resorting to a longer walkthrough video. Skiing down a realistic snow mountain backdrop, the idea behind doing well at Ski Jump is to make a really good landing from a jump without falling (then sliding downhill) flat on your face.

Ski Jump provides four game modes practice, world cup tournament, and players can view the jumper list. Various Ski Jump game challenge levels let you choose from 55 hills that provide challenges jump from K50 to K250 meters. Sharp timing is needed to make a perfect landing otherwise you fall on your face while go sliding down the rest of the ski slope. Repetitive gameplay will help you to master the physics and technique of making the right timed jump and landing.

You can modify the language get of the game, as well as the snow effects that will set Intense winter challenge levels., sounds, camera angles, music, and flying helper bar. Most game actions are initiated through mouse clicks on your laptop/desktop or screen taps with your mobile phone or tablet, making gameplay and navigation quite simple.

After playing the game for a few rounds on practice mode you begin to adjust to the game physics. Next, try all the 55 game modes including the World Cup mode where you will compete for the best score against other players from around the world posted to a leaderboard. See if you can reach the list of the 170 best players the game hosts on the Jumper list.

Similar to a live competition like the Olympic Games, after each jump trial, a leader board appears showing scores and standings. Two walkthrough videos demonstrating basic instruction, tips and tricks, are posted below the Ski Jump game to further enhance your knowledge of the game and give you the best chance to excel and make your way up the leaderboard standings.


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