Juicy Run, released through YAD.com, takes the form of a race course with a checkered starting line and finish line. But the race along the track between the two points is to see how many fruits and veggies you can successfully slice and dice for points.

Juicy Run gameplay starts with a saw-wheel set in the middle of the road that is primarily what is used to run the course. To get it going you click on it and hold for a while until it starts to roll down the path while releasing advancing shadows that will hack and slice through the awaiting fruit or vegetable piles before it. The game gives you the chance to play a Vegas-styled spin wheel, or one-arm bandit, to come up with the match of three of the same fruit to qualify for bonus points. Juicy Run combines gameplay elements of Fruit Ninja and Sky Roller, two games you can also find and play on this website. 

Slice your way through as many fruits or vegetables as you can to complete the level. The gameplay of the Juicy Run game can be learned quickly. Use the spinning saw to cut or slice fruits or veggies, whichever you choose. Also, you have to destroy any obstacle that come your way to create a clear path. While playing Juicy Run, your main objective is to slice as many fruits as possible, destroy enemy obstacles, and avoid cutting the fruits in a hard object. As you continue to add points to the score make sure to keep upgrading your saw. Make sure to check the informative walkthrough video posted below to gain best strategies, tips and tricks to do your best at playing Juicy Run.


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