Your greatest challenge in Monster Truck High Speed will be to swipe through the purple targets standing in the roadway as you move along at high speed and look to control the drift of your truck to keep it on the road.

Swiping the purple targets is one way to collect points in Monster Truck that tests your control over a large vehicle while driving on challenging terrain. Use the "W-A-S-D" or arrow keys to drive and balance Monster Truck on the road. Use the spacebar to make the Monster Truck slide in order to navigate the drifts. Press shift for the turbo boost. Do flips using Z, X, and C keys and gain points for doing them.

Control the jumps, drifts, and curves as you strive to swipe through as many floating purple targets as you can. Use the turbo-boost, especially when approaching hills, to gain extra speed for the climb and accelerate over potholes in the road. Jumps, back-flips, mid-air turns, and other stunts will add points to your tally. Make sure to view the helpful walkthrough video posted below for additional guidance to do your best at Monster Truck High Speed.


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