Play Brain Test and solve these puzzles which may draw on a lot of common sense thinking. A full grasp of the game instruction is required to solve the puzzle step by step.

To do your best at Brain Test, pay attention to the small details and solve these logic puzzles with your wits. When searching for answers and solutions the obvious may be staring right at you. Learn to understand the multiple intentions that words can offer. Just trust common sense and pay attention to simple details.

Think of Brain Test as a more visual Wordle game where you make a guess while paying close attention to the details and patterns presented on the board. If you run out of ideas, there is the "Use hints and tips" clues to get help. In addition, you can view the useful tips and tricks video for Brain Test posted below to gain a better understanding of the many challenging and tricky puzzles found in the various levels of the game.


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Play Brain Test free online game and view the walkthrough video guide for tips and tricks