Drive to make time while encountering other car and truck traffic under increasingly challenging driving conditions playing Traffic Jam 3D. You own the car and can customize it to a great degree to fit your needs.

As you make your way through several towns and roadways, between morning, evening, and nighttime driving, you drive at your best speed to finish the course in good time to earn points. You can choose to compete on the highway, desert, or city landscapes, and you will need to swerve and skillfully pass road traffic you are constantly passing by. With each successful completion of a course, you are awarded points, allowed to move up to the next challenging level, and given the opportunity to make customization upgrades to your race car.

Gameplay advancement readouts appear at the top of the screen for you to gauge your progress. If you want more information about your driving, go to the Driver Point and Driver Stats section. You can view the walkthrough video posted below the game to gain more tips and insight for playing Traffic Jam 3D.


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