Smeet is a socially oriented game that had its initial release in 2007 as a virtual world video game in multiplayer format that allowed people to interact with other avatars.

Start Smeet and make a selection from the Categories menu pulldown to select a gaming category: Puzzle & Card Games; Casual Games; Strategy Games; Farm Games; Management Games; Adventure Games; Plinga Games. After launch, Smeet will pop up a sidebar that has options to: post Facebook comments, share the game to various social media; connect to a walkthrough video for the game you have chosen; info button to get more info on the chosen game and cast a vote for it.

The sidebar pop-up can be minimized by clicking a left-pointing arrow found along the right edge of the sidebar pop-up. There is also a language selection menu that will allow you to select your language. This version of Smeet distributed by Agame functions as a portal to categories of various games and activities produced by Oplinga. In addition to Smeet you can play an array of games provided by Oplinga, but you can find and launch Smeet under the Casual Games and Plinga Games categories.


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Through Smeet you construct a virtual world that aids and accommodates your need to meet and make new friends, as well as other achievements. As you collect points in Smeet (Smeet Fame Points) your level will increase and that will give you more options. The Smeet Fame Points allow you to progress to higher levels, gain higher social status, and style your 3D Avatar among other tasks.

Take your time exploring this portal and if you are not already familiar with Smeet, get started by viewing the walkthrough video that is posted below the game. A lot of Smeet gameplay is driven by prompts that help you to decide what choices to make. So once you get past the basics and setup just follow the prompts.


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