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  1. It's a worrying sign, considering that the lineup is now completely refreshed.
  2. Northvolt and BYD are pushing ahead with sodium-ion batteries, but U.S. companies probably don’t need to.
  3. We're spending the next few days in Rivian's electric SUV. What do you want to know about it?
  4. The company is now prioritizing liquidity and trying to avoid a cash crunch.
  5. The sales volume in recent months oscillates at around 1,000 units.
  6. The XPeng G6 remains the brand's top-selling model.
  7. The South Korean company already sold more than 40,000 all-electric cars this year.
  8. Rather than competing with traditional trucks, the Cybertruck is for fanboys and attention seekers, an expert said.
  9. Elon Musk ordered Tesla's teams to build the first Cybertruck prototype in just 90 days after the design was approved.
  10. In its top trim, the Scout flaunts two 750-watt hub motors.
  11. Jason Cammisa, Marques Brownlee, and Top Gear all got their hands on the new Tesla Cybertruck. Here are their thoughts.
  12. And is it what the entire world needs right now?
  13. BMW is impressed by the result and says that it "looks forward to taking the next steps together" with the Michigan-based startup.
  14. Think you had the EV tax credit plan figured out? Concerns about China just threw a wrench into things.
  15. This was Musk's response to the UAW's latest unionization push targeting U.S. plants of at least 13 automakers, including Tesla.