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  1. The narrow track and large cars hinder overtaking, but, oh boy, do those tight roads make qualifying hair-raising.
  2. One of the winningest drivers in dirt racing history, he was a folk hero who cursed wildly, drove aggressively and crashed a lot.
  3. The fee collected by New York State is supposed to go toward fighting car thefts and fraud. But an audit found that the program was poorly run.
  4. These lovingly customized cars, long embraced as a way to celebrate Mexican American culture and bring families together, are gaining visibility and respect as bouncing, rolling works of art.
  5. The election, fiercely opposed by the state’s political leaders, was seen as a test of the United Automobile Workers’ ability to unionize factories in the South.
  6. He has won Ferrari’s only race this year, but will be out in 2025 when Lewis Hamilton moves over from Mercedes.
  7. After Mercedes workers voted against joining the United Automobile Workers, the union will have less momentum as it campaigns to organize Southern factories.
  8. As a Frenchman running a beloved Italian team, fans weren’t happy at first, but the team is now second for the constructors’ title.
  9. Soaring premiums have become a prominent driver of inflation, and insurers say that more increases could be on the way. How did it get like this?
  10. Automakers in the United States and their supporters welcomed President Biden’s tariffs, saying they would protect domestic manufacturing and jobs from cheap Chinese vehicles.
  11. The president announced increased taxes on Chinese imports in strategic industries, building on former President Donald J. Trump’s tariffs.
  12. The gasoline-powered Malibu was the last sedan sold by Chevrolet, the General Motors brand, in the United States.
  13. As a reporter covering Texas, I ate, worked and slept in my trusty, company-issued Chevy. So allow me a moment to observe the end of its road.
  14. The automaker led by Elon Musk is no longer planning to take the lead in expanding the number of places to fuel electric vehicles. It’s not clear how quickly other companies will fill the gap.
  15. The union, which lost an organizing vote at two factories last week, argued to federal officials that the automaker had violated labor laws.