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  1. Two years behind schedule, the electric model has an unusual design that sets it apart from rival pickups, which could limit its sales.
  2. The United Automobile Workers’ effort, with a long-elusive goal, follows its success in securing big raises in contracts with the Detroit automakers.
  3. General Motors will “substantially lower spending” on autonomous vehicle efforts in 2024 after accidents with its self-driving taxis in San Francisco.
  4. Some firms argue that a law aimed at popularizing electric vehicles risks turning the United States into an assembly shop for Chinese-made technology.
  5. A battery plant in Michigan will be smaller than planned, Ford said, citing slower E.V. demand than expected, as well as labor costs.
  6. The team started the year as another lackluster midfield team, but big changes have moved it to No. 4.
  7. In sympathy with striking mechanics, unions representing dockworkers, electricians and others in the country are refusing to do work for the electric carmaker.
  8. The United Automobile Workers union hopes the agreements with General Motors, Ford and Stellantis will help it make inroads at other companies.
  9. The pollution control devices contain valuable metals, making them a hot commodity for recycling. Some beneficiaries of the thefts look the other way.
  10. President Biden’s 2022 climate act spurred big investments in U.S. battery factories, but it has not similarly boosted E.V. sales.
  11. An employee who was fired after expressing safety concerns leaked personnel records and sensitive data about driver-assistance software.
  12. The trip, including a meeting with the president of the United Automobile Workers, offered the president a chance to celebrate a landmark labor deal.
  13. Growth is brisk but slower than expected, causing automakers to question their multibillion-dollar investments in new factories and raising doubts about the effectiveness of federal incentives.
  14. Cruise has hired a law firm to investigate how it responded to regulators, as its cars sit idle and questions grow about its C.E.O.’s expansion plans.
  15. Many longstanding General Motors workers have been voting against the tentative accord, which they feel insufficiently improves retirement benefits.