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  1. The luxury electric car that even James Bond could get behind.
  2. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that the Cybertruck won't enter mass production until 2024 despite what he said previously.
  3. The manufacturer promises more power, performance and range with its 2024 edition of the Polestar 2.
  4. Porsche is now selling a CarPlay infotainment unit for its mid-2000 models.
  5. Tesla has slashed the prices of some of its cars around the world as deliveries miss projections.
  6. BMW wants to make sure it stays firmly in control of the tech it offers.
  7. Volvo has confirmed that its upcoming electric SUV, the EX90, will feature support for Google's HD maps with highly detailed and up-to-date mapping.
  8. Peugeot has unveiled a concept car that highlights the brand's vision for the future of electric vehicles.
  9. LG Display has unveiled screen tech that it hopes will be used in future EVs, not least autonomous vehicles.
  10. Ring is expanding its security product line to beyond the home, with the announcement of the Ring Car Cam.
  11. Eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
  12. Change your car's colour scheme within a couple of minutes.
  13. Sony rolled out its now-called Afeela concept car on stage at CES 2023, featuring 45 sensors. Sony said it's hoping it will be on roads by 2026.
  14. Chrysler has revealed the Synthesis cockpit demonstrator, a new experience at what the company says will be at the forefront of its move to EVs.
  15. Near-production electric sedan shows off its skills.