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  1. It's all about carrying GTI heritage into the electric era, with a couple of clever tricks.
  2. Exterior and interior tweaks - and some pretty significant changes for the driver.
  3. With a fresh new interior and now more range, the Mini Electric options are more compelling than ever.
  4. Super-fast charging for all thanks to public access to the new Supercharger.
  5. The Fisker Ronin, PEAR, Alaska, and Ocean are four models looking to grab Tesla's EV crown.
  6. Tesla could be about to get a return for the investment it has put into a number of core tech developments.
  7. Designed inside and out for race performance.
  8. I need your clothes, your boots, and your BMW CE 02 electric bike.
  9. The Kia Connect Store will allow you to buy additional features afte you buy the car.
  10. There's hint of Tesla to the interior, but it's 100 per cent Volvo.
  11. Volvo has something small on the way - but it could be a big deal. You can watch the launch here.
  12. Amazon has a second-generation Echo Auto that's been completely redesigned and easier to mount in your car.
  13. Did Elon just tease the Tesla Model 2?
  14. It's easier than ever to get into your BMW, but only if you have the right phone.
  15. Polestar announced the Polestar 2, an electric SUV coupe without a rear window.