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  1. Groups that rose up against the military after its February 2021 power grab say air raids are a sign of its weakness.
  2. Baldwin and weapons supervisor on set of film 'Rust' charged with involuntary manslaughter but maintain innocence.
  3. The Republican from New York faces ongoing scrutiny into his finances as well as falsehoods he made during his campaign.
  4. OPEC chief talks about output cuts, price volatility, and Russia's war in Ukraine and its effect on oil prices.
  5. Republican Ron DeSantis, a possible US presidential candidate, says diversity programmes serve as a 'political filter'.
  6. Winter weather has resulted in at least two deaths in the state of Texas and more than 1,600 flight cancellations.
  7. At least 100 people killed and more than 225 wounded in a suicide attack in the northwestern Pakistani city.
  8. The 86-year-old Francis says a 'forgotten genocide' is under way in DRC as he begins his trip to two African nations.
  9. Armed group blamed for killing dozens of people in an attack on a mosque in Peshawar.
  10. The state's agricultural workforce has long struggled with low wages and vulnerability stemming from immigration status.