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  1. The villagers dismantled their own homes and fled the relentless Israeli settler attacks on them and their children.
  2. The Brazilian president should support Ukraine; this would be an expression of the South-South solidarity he's pursuing.
  3. Error in electronic signalling system blamed for deadliest crash in decades as families search of missing loved ones.
  4. Ballon d'Or winner will depart the Spanish club after winning 25 trophies, including five Champions Leagues.
  5. The national team are dreaming big and want their unexpected success to inspire other Iranian sportswomen.
  6. The failure of a sophisticated electronic system designed to keep trains from colliding has been blamed for the crash.
  7. As the war enters its 466th day, here’s a look at the main developments.
  8. Authorities say the number of people killed in clashes between police and opposition supporters has now risen to 15.
  9. A feud between the government and the parliament has led to multiple dissolutions and elections in recent months.
  10. The vote comes after President Umaro Sissoco Embalo dissolved parliament last year after falling out with MPs.