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  1. Cashing in on the classics isn’t the only moneymaker in the music industry
  2. Panama border police agency does not specify nationalities of those who drowned or how they crossed into country.
  3. Buckle up for a wild ride. Taxis could take to the skies and self-driving cars will become more common.
  4. Despite president's hope that a new cabinet could quell protests, scepticism remains and rallies continue.
  5. Sonya Massey called the police to report a suspected prowler outside her home, but tensions escalated quickly.
  6. The post-war global system set up to protect great powers’ interests has predictably failed. It is time for a new one.
  7. Scientists find evidence of additional source of oxygen, raising questions about the origins of life on Earth.
  8. People & Power investigates the mass evictions of thousands of residents at the world-famous UNESCO heritage site.
  9. State intelligence agency claims 'former officials' also planned to assassinate governing party head Ivanishvili.
  10. From emerging stars to legends of the game, Al Jazeera picks out 10 'must-watch' basketballers at the Paris Olympics.