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  1. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, compensation and an order that Tesla curb racism at its plant in California.
  2. Forcing refugees into an overcrowded camp deprives children of schooling and hurts the local economy.
  3. Moscow's Ministry of Defence reports downing more than a dozen Ukrainian drones in latest attacks on Russian territory.
  4. State Department says Beijing spending billions to spread disinformation and shape opinion in favour of China.
  5. UN refugee agency says 'no end in sight' to the lives lost in Mediterranean and on land routes to sea departure points.
  6. NSA Director Paul Nakasone says US has advantage in AI development but capabilities can not be 'taken for granted'.
  7. As the war enters its 583rd day, these are the main developments.
  8. At least 11 people have been killed so far this month in wave of gang violence sweeping over Sweden.
  9. US Secretary of State Blinken announced the reward as part of an ongoing probe into Fernando Villavicencio's death.
  10. The pastries, about the size of a palm and filled with a sweet paste, are popular gifts during the ancient festival.